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Cute, casual pencil skirts. Where can I find these?

Basically, at age 30, I realize I'm most comfortable and look pretty cute in pencil/bandage type skirts, possibly paired with leggings if it's cold out or if it's a fairly short skirt. Simple cotton is fine. Cheap is good too. A zipper is OK, but I'm not looking for something that has to be worn professionally.

I'm fairly hourglass shaped, definitely have a booty. I'm not small (10-14, but on the 10 side for skirts). I do love how these skirts flatter me and are also really comfortable. I've found these skirts at thrift stores or places like TJ MAXX but I don't have a go-to place.

The only place I can think to order skirts like these are Forever 21 but that feels so tweeny and made possibly for itsy people? I might be able to wear a large though. I don't want a lot of stripes or frills, though some colors would be OK. This is pretty cute from Forever 21:. I'm not scared to go mini skirt with leggings but not TOO mini.

Does anybody have any other suggestions on where to find skirts like these? I'd love to be able to order them online, too, though I'll scout them out if possible. I live in a smallish town, though we do have a mall with most of the fixings.
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Ooh! I have one from American Apparel that I love -- it's actually a convertible dress, but I wear it as a pencil skirt instead. They have lots of legit pencil skirts, though. They seem expensive, but they are made very well and last forever. I'm also 30 and hourglass shaped, for the record.
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american apparel?
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American Apparel makes a whole bunch of pencil skirts. Here are some options from Modcloth, as well.
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I'm around your size. For professional-ish pencil skirts, I've had really good luck with Banana Republic! Well-made, well-tailored, and reasonable for what you're getting.
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J. Crew's No. 2 pencil skirt is my FAVE.
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I was looking for lined suit-type skirts the other week and all I found was the pencil/bandage style at my nearby mall stores. Check Macy's and New York & Company for sure. I know I saw them both of those places. Both will carry sizes to fit you, while American Apparel runs smaller than Forever 21, in my experience.
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If the American Apparel style linked upthread is what you are looking for you might also search for tube skirts.

A pencil skirt usually has more structure with a kick pleat or vent in back. If you are looking for a pencil skirt like this, then I add my voice to those who recommend J. Crew.
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I really like Asos -- I've found the stuff I've ordered from them to be fairly high quality. Here's a page of all their pencil skirts. Look out for the (frequent) sales and markdowns.
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Epress is great for these types of skirts, they have better sizing than Forever 21, but still have some great non-boring options. Here are their mini skirts, and their more work-ready pencil skirts.
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Urban Outfitters had some cute ones this season. The sizes run a little bit small; you would definitely be a large.
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I found one at Old Navy that I like (yay for pockets!), they are only available online from what I can tell, though. The sizing ran a little big for me, also curvy.
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This is an out of the box answer, but have you thought about sewing them for yourself. A pencil skirt is very easy and the book Sew What! Skirts (11 bucks and change on Amazon) will walk you through the very few measurements you take to then make a skirt pattern for yourself that's perfect for you. Alternately, a seamstress in your town could make them for you easily as well out of fabric you pick out online. Cheap!
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My two current favorites right now are a denim pencil skirt by Zara and a heavyweight knit one from Blue Canoe Organic. (Both thrifted.) I'm 5'6" and these hit me right above the knee, which I consider to be the perfect skirt length.
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Old Navy had some basic knit pencil skirts in the store the other day. Oh, they have them online too. Lots of colors and patterns! Woo!
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I love, by which I mean I have six of, Athleta's discontinued Bettona skirts, which you can still scoop up occasionally on ebay. They're knit, the black or grey ones are perfect for work, and -- best of all -- they have FOUR POCKETS.
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