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I want to plan out my work week-by-week, with each week having a straightforward to-do list of tasks structured by which project they relate to. I do not want to be forced to tie this to-do list to any particular day of the week. What app do I want?

I'm looking for a Retina-friendly Mountain Lion app that will work for this purpose. Doesn't need to be free, but ideally under $20 or so. I've looked at a bunch of productivity apps but I can't seem to figure out which one, if any, will do what I want. Search results for things like "weekly planner" seem to assume I want to plan my week day-by-day, when what I really want is to plan several months week-by-week. Few of the possibly-relevant apps are free, and I don't want to purchase one only to find out it's not useful to me. Any suggestions?
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TeuxDeux lets you set up tasks that automatically just shift to the next day. Plus, it's pretty. And free.
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In Outlook, I would simply be creating tasks with a start date of Monday and due date of Friday. I think you could do the same thing with ToodleDo, at least, and probably many other apps.

If that won't work, can you outline what the problems would be/how you'd like it to work?
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Maybe use Wunderlist and create a sublist for each week? It's not explicitly for weeks, but you can assign a date if there is something where it matters. (For example, I just have a grab bag of things usually, but Monday I need to go pick up a permit, so that one has a date.) You can also drag things from list to list, in case you need to rearrange. (Dunno if the app is retina-ized. I use the website + the iphone app.)
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Best answer: I use Workflowy for exactly this.
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