How do I create a product roadmap editable by multiple parties?
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How to create a new product development roadmap style document that allows people to corporate?

I am tasked with creating a document that shows the status (launch dates, completion %, confidence level etc.) of different product launches/projects on a time and category axis. This document should allow different people to make edits and click on individual products/projects to get further information on specifics - where the project is.

I am inclined to use Microsoft Project in conjunction with SharePoint. I believe you can interconnect individual MS project files into a master file.

any other ideas?
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Not sure how long your projects are or how many you have, but this can be a pretty big task.

I've seen this done well with Excel and VBA -- each of the projects had their own excel file that then got pulled into a big file that was updated once a month. I've also seen this done not well with a gargantuan MS project file. If all of your projects use MS project and use the same conventions, perhaps MS project will work. The places I've worked, each project manager has their own style and loose coupling worked better...
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