Insufficient storage to update apps on Nexus S?
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My Nexus S has been displaying "insufficient storage available" errors when trying to update apps for the last few weeks. The USB storage (the main partition) has plenty of space (~9gb), but I can't figure out how to move apps over there so they have some breathing room. Halp?

I'm running stock Jelly Bean, in case it matters. The bootloader's unlocked, and the phone's never been rooted.
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You want the App2SD app.
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There's a nice little free app called app2sd that'll tell you what apps can be moved and what can't.
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My Nexus S is still on Gingerbread, but the way to do it in the OS there is:
Open the Settings
Tap Applications
Tap Manage applications
Tap on an app
There should be a button marked Move to USB Storage
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App2SD worked perfectly. Thanks!
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Please note that with the Nexus One at least, when the Insufficient Storage notification was showing, this would also indicate a COMPLETE SUPPRESSION of all sync activity: so you'll stop receiving emails and the like. Point being, it's not just your apps can't update. Instead, you're not getting mail, etc.

Apps2SD should work well. So glad that they moved to unified storage with the Galaxy Nexus. The N1 only had 250 MB available internal storage space, and no matter how the apps are set, sometimes some apps require a fair internal footprint even when you move them.

You can also clear up space by going to the Applications menu from Settings, browing to your browser and clearing its cache, which can sometimes be egregious. Check that and see. Also sort by app size and see who the primary offenders are.
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