Recommendations for good quality 3d Glasses?
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I'm looking for a decent pair of 3d anaglyph glasses, mostly to look at Mars pictures like this. Ideally, a pair that work over prescription glasses and better than the paper ones. Amazon has plenty but the reviews are all over the map. Looking for personal recommendations.
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I can't seem to work out who the manufacturer is (they're super generic), but I bought a pair of these a while ago, and they work fine with my glasses. I think the main thing is that the front is flat, so I can just plonk them over the top.
They're sturdy enough, and while there is some ghosting on the image you linked, I can improve it by adjusting my screen. It doesn't feel like the filters are particularly better or worse than any other 3D glasses I've had.
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I get all my 3d gear from Berezin 3d. They have a wide selection of 3d glasses. I use the proview clip-ons when I'm doing a lot of anaglyph work.
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