Maximising randomness or success probability field blog post.
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Looking for an interesting blog post somewhere from a few months back about maximising your exposure to randomness or your probability of a good outcome. Think it was a geek post somewhere.

I just remember some guy I know posting a link to the blog post (he isn't contactable anymore). He was a hardcore coder so I imagine the blog post was made by one of the Silicon Valley bloggers he followed. I vaguely remember there being a graph or two in it. Possibly a mathematical formula. Basically it was espousing putting yourself in positions or places or projects that heighten your opportunity for a good outcome. Sorry I can't be more specific. I think it was posted around the beginning of 2012. Thanks.
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I don't remember a specific blog post, but if it helps it sounds like it might be making reference to the work of Nassim Nicholas Taleb.
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Perhaps this?:
Exposing yourself to positive black swans
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