Pepper Spray in NYC
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How do I acquire pepper spray in New York City?

I just moved to the area, and am curious as to how I can acquire pepper spray. Google is failing me-- I either get conflicting information or information which I feel may be outdated.

Do I need to apply for a license? If so, how do I go about doing that? Would it be okay to just buy it online? Where are some concrete, actual places where I can buy it? Everyone says "sporting goods stores" or "stores where they sell camping equipment," but I really don't want to go to every such store, only to find that they don't have it. I'm in Brooklyn-- specifically, Greenpoint-- if that helps.

Thanks in advance.
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I went with my girlfriend to get one when she first moved here. We looked up local places on, and ended up going to a local pharmacy and they had it. You fill out a form with your name and address and some other info, and that's pretty much it.
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from what i've read you don't need a license, you simply need to purchase this product in person in NY state.

and - this yelp site for a police supply shop was recommended in response to a question sorta like yours. i would call to make sure the shop is open for business (if it is in fact a convenient trip).
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I've bought pepper spray at the Army and Navy on West 8th Street over by NYU. They had a great selection with fashionable covers like a nice pink faux Burberry. The young female clerk was really enthusiastic and friendly which was nice too.
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