Online customer database software?
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I'm looking for recommendations for online software for managing a database of customers.

I'm part of an online business that is starting to get more customers. So far we have just been keeping track of things in Excel - but this is starting to get ugly fast.

I'm looking for some recommendations for a simple online software for maintaining customer information. This would include things like contact info, billing dates, invoices, amounts paid and owing, reminders that we can configure to be sent on a certain date, etc etc.

Thanks (in advance) for your help.
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Highrise by 37 Signals is pretty great, and it integrates with the rest of their products.
posted by Happy Dave at 11:53 AM on September 3, 2012 [1 favorite] and Highrise are pretty good solutions. Salesforce may be a little much for what you're looking to do, but it does have the benefit of being scaleable, so if you grow quickly, it is helpful.
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Just so you know, what you are after is called CRM - Customer Relationship Management. There are probably 100 on the market if you want to Google some options. I prefer OnePageCRM to Highrise.
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Beyond the CRM, I noticed you mentioned "billing dates, invoices, amounts paid and owing". That sounds more like general ledger stuff to me. Good bookkeeping is important to any successful business. You might need two products if you don't already have GL software.
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Sugar CRM is free/has a free version. I installed it once but it did not run very smooth.
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Zoho is another option - especially if you might be looking for billing and other business apps in the near future.
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Is the online business automatically billing these people and you just want to record it? Or, are you processing sales that come in from a website and you want to keep track of it? Are the reminders to pay, or to do other things?
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I've used Freshbooks for invoicing, it sounds like it might fit the bill.
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I've had good experiences with Salesforce. Fairly clean API, good selection of apps, it is a bit pricey though.
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