Sweet, lazy hipster girl music video (who is she?)
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I'm teaching an online course on internet culture and of the first sections is on music videos and youth culture specificaly. To counter-point the peppy more mainstream examples like Rebecca Black, I'd like to show a specific music video of a teen hipster girl singing in a lazy cadence about her love for a boy - but I can't remember her name or the song. She sang with the song's lines running together. She had some vocal fry in there. There was a macbook on the bed. There was only one other girl in the video and they were sitting around the bed mostly. The laid back vibe and simpler subject matter of the video captured something I'd love to show. Anyone know who she was? Thanks!
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Kitty Pryde's Okay Cupid.
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Response by poster: That's it! God, I love the internet. Thank you for answering so fast!
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You may also want to look at Kutiman's Thru You remix project which constructed entirely new songs out of multiple amateur musicians and singers posting videos on YouTube. It's pretty cool.
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