Tips for surfing in Normandy, France
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I'd like to go surfing in next weekend in Normandy, France. Haven't pinned down a specific location yet. Any recommendations on where to go, where to stay and where (if possible) to rent a board?
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Not necessarily helpful, but avoid the Cotetin Penninsula (Basically La Manche). On the west is a very gradual difference to the deep water, with no great waves. On the east (ish) you have the Normandy Invasion Beaches which are largely protected/ museum areas that would A. Not have anywhere to rent a board and B. Inappropriate to surf at.

In lower Normandy there are likely to be few options. Googling brings up a few however.

Good luck!
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Friend is a surfer, and not knowing your skills, he'd recommend Le Rozel. General tourist info site.

But here is a googletranslated Dutch site rating different beaches in Normandy for surfing. GT didn't get the text in the chart, but most is decipherable, except maybe "rotsen" = rocks.

Friend owns own board and drives there in car and (wild)camps, so no recs about these, sorry. (But I just saw that there seem to be a bunch of other Dutch sites with info, so maybe one of these might help. Google "surfen normandie" and haul the results through the translator.)

Hope you find your spot!
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