I've got to wear them out somehow.
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Where to run in Fort Worth, TX, possibly with one or more of these dogs?

I just moved here from Denton, where I would just run in my neighborhood. My neighborhood here isn't good for running.

I know there are parks, but which are good for running (like, is nice, has at least intermittent shade, not crowded, etc.) and where can I bring a dog or two?
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Check out the Trinity River Trails.
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Trinity Park has loads of shade and good enough trails. Can get a little crowded on the weekend, but only crazy on holidays (like, possibly tomorrow, Labor Day).

Gateway park is also pretty big and mostly shaded. Looks like there's a dog park there, but I don't know anything about it.

If you're into distance running, the Trinity River Trails system are nice in that they're pretty well marked and maintained. But there are long stretches with no shade whatsoever.
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Ditto on Trinity Park and the Trinity Trails. Depending on what pArt of town you're in, you may also be close to the trails on the shores of Lake Benbrook.
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