Fastest iPhone password
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What is the easiest password to type on an iPhone given various rules?

Given the following rules:

- At least 8 characters long
- No repeating, ascending, descending characters (counted as 3 or more in a row)
- At least one letter and one number
- At least three symbols (Spacebar counts)

What is the easiest and quickest password you can come up with to type on an iPhone?

My view is it fundamentally depends on whether you're typing with one or two hands (one hand would keep the password on the left hand side a lot, two hands would alternate between the left and right a lot). I'm interested in one-handed passwords type able with the left hand (since that's the hand one has free while driving in the UK).

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If this is for websites, wouldn't it just be easier to save the password so the browser automatically fills it in?

(You might want to clarify the legality of texting while driving in the UK, as it is illegal in some parts of the US and even where legal, generally frowned upon for the danger you are putting yourself and others in.)
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It's really not a good idea to have people on a public forum pick your password, or to type it while driving. And one of them isn't legal or safe.
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if you use the 1password app you can copy/paste all your various passwords, with access to the app protected by a 4 digit code. much easier.
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Response by poster: Just to confirm, it's to unlock the device, not to enter on websites. And while driving only when stopped at traffic lights, etc, of course!

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Actually, while my first answer is the simplest fast answer it's not the fastest. The fastest seems to be aszx1-/: for passcode lock.

The reason is that the characters still flow into each other, but the letters go towards the .?123 button. On the passcode screen, the ok button is above and to the right of the keypad so the characters should go to the right.

The fastest way to enter a password on a website/in an app with the Go/Submit blue button is aszx1/., because the numbers and characters head towards the lower right. I believe it's faster to proceed top left to bottom right in both cases but you may prefer to do the opposite -- it doesn't really matter if you can reliably hit the long diagonal jump at the end as well as the horizontal jump across the spacebar.
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