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I have multiple email addresses associated with my gmail account. Can I make one of them show up as the default in an original email's "from" field based on the email address or domain I'm writing to?

I finally set up my work email to automatically forward to my gmail account, woohoo. I also have it so that every work message I respond to will come from my work address. But it there a way to do this when composing a brand new message?

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I believe you can: Settings > Accounts and Import > Send mail as: should list the addresses you've associated with the current account, and you can set one as default.
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However, in some cases, even with this default setting, the header will still show "From Personalgmail on behalf of workdefault" due to the way recipient's servers and software might be set up. In which case, you may wish to ensure your root gmail login still reflects your propername rather than my problem ;0 which is "weirdassname" on behalf of "professionalInfini".

Set it up this way and check with a few friends - one a gmail address and at least a couple of others who are on work addresses *not* using Google for their office mail serving
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Response by poster: Kilo, I want to know if it's possible to make the default change depending on the address/domain I'm emailing.
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I don't think you can have the 'from' field change automatically after filling in the 'to' field on a new message.

But you can set the default like they said above, and also you can choose which 'from' address to use on all new mail using the drop-down menu.
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Go to: Settings > Accounts and Import > Send Mail As

If you scroll past your list of email addresses, there should be a setting for "When replying to a message" where you can select a radio button for either "Reply from the same address the message was sent to" or "Always reply from default address." Select the first one, and anyone who sends an email to your work address will, by default, reply from that address.
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Whoops, sorry, I didn't read carefully. You've already done that. No, I don't think there's a way to create this setting for new messages you're not creating in reply to anything.
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This sounds like something a User Script could accomplish without too much effort.
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Response by poster: Uh oh, suddenly I'm in over my head. mmascolino: What is a user script, and how can I get it to do this?
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Best answer: Oh sorry jessca84, for not being more specific about User Scripts. More detail is in the link but basically it involves adding a bit of custom JavaScript to a web page to make it do something that the originally creators didn't imagine.
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