Songs to lift me up
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I'm looking for recommendations for music that might make me feel better about myself.

I want a mix CD that I can play in my car with the volume up high on the way to work to give me some energy and gee me up for the day, and make me feel like a better human being. Maybe something to boost my self esteem or help me feel empowered about my life. I'm not looking for physical energy, more the musical equivalent of a hug and a motivational speech.

I'm having a hard time explaining what I'm looking for, but here are some examples:

P!nk - F*cking Perfect.
Fun. - Carry On.
David Guetta - Titanium.
Queen - Don't Stop Me Now.
La Roux - Bulletproof.
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Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros

I have no idea what the words are but it's ridiculously uplifting.
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Lunchbox: Marilyn Manson will empower you.
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This Year by The Mountain Goats.
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Best answer: Feeling Good, by Nina Simone
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Plea from a Cat named Virtute by the Weakerthans
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I'm Not Down, by the Clash

Oooh Child, by the Five Stairsteps

Dog Days are Over, by Florence and the Machine

I'm the Best, by Nicki Minaj
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A departure - genre wise - but this is like a cool drink of water for always makes me smile.
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Move On Up, Curtis Mayfield (link is to the extended version, but there's also a shorter version without the long instrumental portion available on Amazon, I believe)
Shout to the Top, The Style Council
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Float On, Modest Mouse.
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I Wish I Looked A Little Better by Sparks
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Previously (my cheer-up list is in there).
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Braggadaccio, MC Frontalot.
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I don't know about you, but "Plea from a cat named virtue" always makes me tear up. Maybe just me.

I like listening to Nicki Minaj songs on the way to work, she has a lot of that "I'm the best" hip-hop sentiment. "I'm the best now/any body with some money should invest now/soccer moms need to organize a pep rall/" etc. The Beastie Boys do that a lot also.
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Prince Charming, Adam Ant.
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"Make You Feel That Way" by Blackalicious.

In the dark it's more likely that you notice light
In the light more likely that you notice night
Hungry, more appreciation for that meal
Dead broke, more appreciation for that scrill
A bad day'll make you really notice ones that's good
And that'll make things a little better understood
Times I feel I wanna shout, man it's real that way
When I think of things that make you feel that way

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Ok, here are some from my list:

Dolly Parton, Light of a Clear Blue Morning
Reba McEntire, Is There Life Out There?
Des'ree, You Gotta Be
Carly Simon, Let the River Run
Kay Weaver, One Fine Day

Folks could probably guess my age based on these.
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I really like Mika's Grace Kelly for this.
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Van Halen, "I'm The One" (Shooby-doo-wah!)
Hüsker Dü, "New Day Rising"
Bo Diddley, "Who Do You Love"

But the best song ever for this sort of personal cheerleading:

Uncle Tupelo's cover of the Soft Boys classic, "I Wanna Destroy You"
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You're So Cool by Hans Zimmer.
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l always feel like a Boss after listening to Slim Thug's "like a boss"
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Best answer: Nina Simone's Ain't Got No - I Got Life
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Little Bit of Feel Good - Jamie Lidell
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I'm the Sh*t (remix), by DJ Class (with Kanye West)

NSFW and over-the-top silly, but I still find it a ridiculously fun listen that makes me laugh and pumps me up on a Friday or Saturday night on my way out the door....

"I got them diamonds on my neck, got Patron in my cup; if you want it come and get it, shorty, I don't give a f*ck."
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Control by Poe

Super Bon Bon by Soul Coughing

The Distance by Cake

You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon

Open Road Song by Eve 6
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Tightrope by Janelle Monae
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I am also going to mention Cake, except I was gonna link to their cover of I Will Survive.
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I Love Myself Today by Bif Naked

It's my go-to song for...a lot of things, actually.
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Kelly Clarkson's Stronger has a similar feel to the Pink song you listed (I actually thought it was a Pink song at first!)

Starships by Nikki Minaj (really such a dumb song but it makes me dance in the driver's seat on the way to work!)

Touch the Sky by Kanye West with Lupe Fiasco (samples the aforementioned "Move On Up" which is indeed an awesomely uplifting song)

Lupe Fiasco's cover/version of the earlier-mentioned Float On, Show Goes On, always puts me in a good mood.

And for something a little less Top-40: Better Things by Dar Williams (has been done by a lot of people, but I like the version from her live album)
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The Legally Blonde soundtrack was made for this. Specifically, songs 6, 8, and 10.
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When I want music to make me feel empowered about my life and the good I can do with it, I reach for reggae and roots. These were a few of my inroads:

Jimmy Cliff - The Harder they Come (the whole soundtrack album is also amazing)
Sebastian Sturm - Get Going
Groundation - Weak Heart
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It's really fluffy, but Mika's entire Life in Cartoon Motion album is pretty great for this.

sample song: Big Girl (you are beautiful)
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I like James - Are You Ready
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