Ikea bed and mattress suggestions
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Our bedframe is broken beyond repair. Perhaps this would be a good time to get a bed that is larger than a full. Our budget is Ikea level—so I have two questions: 1) Will their queen size beds comfortably support our combined weight of 500-550 lbs? 2) Are there any Ikea beds or mattresses that you particularly like?
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Before you go to Ikea, please check out the Sears Outlet for the bed of your dreams.

They have high quality bedding at outrageously low pricing. They also deliver (which Ikea won't do)

I've been raving about the great experience we had with buying our treadmill.

It really depends what kind of bed you like. I enjoy a super-firm mattress and my Simmons is like poured concrete. It's awesome.
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We have the Nyvoll frame, the headboard is at a really comfortable angle, I love it. I used to have an ikea mattress and I found it comfortable, though not as comfortable as my current non-ikea mattress. I'm not sure what model it was though; I believe it was in the middle of their price range.
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Response by poster: Ruthless Bunny, were you trying to link to a specific item? That link just took me to a generic home page.
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Oh, sorry.

I put in your zip code so that you could see the exact items that were available close to you.

Their site is pretty great in that you can see what they have in stock at the one closest to you.
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Response by poster: Ah, I see.
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We are also Ikea-budget-level people and we got this mattress last fall that is wonderfully comfortable and cheap. In fact, just this morning I was reflecting on the fact that my problem used to be that I was sore all the time because my bed was so uncomfortable, and the problem now is that it is hard to get up in the morning because my bed is so comfy. I got that mattress after several recommendations here on Metafilter.

It doesn't need a box spring, just a frame and a platform. We just have ours on the floor, so I don't have any particular recommendations there, but I would imagine it wouldn't be hard to acquire a frame and platform (I bet you could get those on Craigslist for cheaper than Ikea, but since Ikea sells things separately anyway, that would also be a good source).
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Will their queen size beds comfortably support our combined weight of 500-550 lbs?

This is not an especially heavy amount of weight for two people. I would expect that even the cheapest crappiest bed would be fine, weight-wise.
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Response by poster: This is not an especially heavy amount of weight for two people. I would expect that even the cheapest crappiest bed would be fine, weight-wise.

Okay, phew. Our bedframe was really old, and I was worried it was our weight, not its age which caused it to break.
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I used to have an ikea bed and mattress that was very comfortable, and we only upgraded when we changed to a larger bed and went for a memory foam mattress. I am certain an ikea mattress on a bed with slats instead of boxspring is perfectly comfortable and capable of support that weight. Also, Ikea DOES deliver, and very quickly too. When I last ordered something large there, they delivered it to my house the same day.
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Response by poster: Do you remember which mattress you had, joh?
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Sorry, I don't :( I bought it in 1999, so they have probably changed the line up by now! It was a Sultan something, just a fairly basic, firm, coil mattress.
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Another option - this is Labor Day weekend and almost all of the mattress stores are having huge sales. The thing I like about going the mattress store route is there is usually room for negotiation (perhaps getting a free bed frame and free delivery thrown in or getting a cheaper price on the mattress itself).
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If you prefer platform beds to box spring and mattress combinations, you can have high quality foam mattresses delivered to your door by Foam Factory. I did, and I'm quite happy with it. Buying an inexpensive mattress meant I could spend more on my platform bed. The Ikea beds I rolled around on seemed flimsy to me, so I located a rock solid platform bed at Tatami Room, and had it delivered. There was a sale at the time; there may be deals available now as well. All told, it cost just a little more than Ikea's most durable offering, and it can definitely withstand more of a pounding.
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We have an IKEA queen bedframe and mattress that has comfortably supported 400-450 lbs of our weight for the past 8 years. The mattress we have is no longer in the lineup but is somewhat similar to this model. It's amazingly supportive for a mattress that is only 6" thick and is not noticeably saggy or compressed after 8 years. We also have a Malm frame that doesn't see as much use, but also seems sturdy. The major members on the Malm are made using the same sort of sandwich technique they use in Expedit units, which creates a great deal of structural rigidity.
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We have a Finnvik and love it. It is very, very firm and not super hot like some memory foam can be.
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Response by poster: Alas, we've decided that our budget is going to be too small to get both a new bedframe and a new mattress, so we're going to stick to the mattress we've got and just get a new bedframe.

Thanks for all your suggestions—I hope we'll be able to take advantage of them in the not too distant future.
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We got our IKEA Aspelund bed on craigslist for $50. We had to put in a 2x4 because of bed slats fail. The ridiculous aluminum crossframe recommended in the link basically puts all your weight on weak screws that end up bending and snapping, letting the side supports bulge out, the slats falling through, and the occupant hits the ground. After the 2x4 install, though, the bed was solid. My old 6" foam mattress is still good after more than 10 years, and your mattress is probably still good, too. So hit craigslist, I suggest, for the frame only.
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Have you thought about getting a used bed and/or used mattress on craigslist or kijiji?

I'm getting a full size Ikea Malm bed frame, mattress,and bed slats delivered to my place for $250. Queen size beds tend to go for a similar price.

Perhaps this might be worth looking into?
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I recommend this constantly, because it's been so awesome to us: it's unfinished poplar, so you can do something creative with it if you like. It has no headboard or footboard, so nothing to fear on those fronts. It has room underneath for storage. And it's only $159! But it's not IKEA.
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I have no financial interest in this, but had good luck with this super-cheapo combo. I bought a foam mattress from BedinaBox -- we decided to spend the money on the higher end one. Where we saved the cash was buying the steel platform bed from Target. Because it's steel, it's pretty damn sturdy (and bedbugs, an increasing concern don't like foam much or steel) and you don't have to buy a boxspring, although you can if you want.

Pretty cheap, pretty awesome.
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We got the Malm frame (double) and the Sultan Hamnvik mattress plus the Sultan Tveit mattress pad in July after ditching our old bed and mattress that were, like yours, beyond repair. So far, so good!
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We have a queen-sized Malm frame, and it's really solid. We'd tried other frames, but they tended to bow out at the sides, letting the slats fall through. Definitely check out Malm; after moving and reassembling it three times, it's still sturdy as hell.

Our mattress is IKEA's Sultan Huglo. It's a spring mattress, and the flattest and hardest possible one we could find. (It's sold rolled up, and fits well in a hatchback.) We then got a $100 foam topper from Sam's Club, and it's the perfect combination. WE can flip both the topper and the mattress regularly. I love the heck out of our bed now.

(We used to have a pillow-top mattress, which caused me immense pain in my arthritic hips, because of the hard nubs where the pillow-top was quilted. NEVER AGAIN.)
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We started out with another (cheaper) Ikea bed (don't remember the name, sorry), that had a hard time with my weight and broke down at some point. But the Malm bed we bought to replace it has had no issue at all - even with added pregnancy weight and, lately, toddlers jumping around on it. No tips on the mattress though, haven't been able to find The One so far.
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