Overnight parking in the Outer Banks?
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Where can I park my car for a week in the Outer Banks (Nags Head, NC)?

I am driving to the Outer Banks (Nags Head, specifically) this weekend to stay in a rental home with very limited parking. I would prefer not to take up one of those parking spaces, but finding a ride share has proven difficult. My memory is that there are no overnight parking facilities in that part of the coast, especially not during the high season.

Is there someplace reasonably nearby (within, say, 20 miles) where I could park my car for the week? Paid parking is fine.
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I don't think there are any spots made for that purpose. You could probably get away fine with parking at one of the larger stores (Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Walmart).
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Ummm, I hate to have to disagree with Chrysostom, but if you were to park in one of those stores' lots, I'd suggest calling and confirming ahead of time that they'd be okay with it. This is, as you say, still high season; with the amount of business they can expect over this holiday weekend, I wouldn't be surprised if your car were towed from their lots.
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Yes, I should have specified that I'm looking for legal parking options. Also, streets that allow overnight parking would be quite acceptable.
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Is the beach house being rented through an agency? If so, give them a call. This can't be the first time this has come up.

Another option is to look to airbnb. Perhaps someone with an area listing would be open to renting you a parking spot.

Are you affiliated with a church or fraternal organization, etc.? That connection could genreate results.

A call to the town police department might yield some leads.

Lastly, I have obtained vehicle parking for a fee at private campgrounds.

( I also feel trying to leave the car in a private store lot would not be good. Tourist areas are very on top of nipping this sort of thing in the bud and impound lots are expensive and a headache.)
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I'm pretty sure that there are no overnight parking facilities for this purpose anywhere from Hatteras to Corova. So whatever you're doing, it's going to be awkward.

The good news is that you're on the very edge of off season. (If it were, like, November, this would be easy.) So you're starting to see restaurants and stores have business drop off, and thus have some parking space left over. Also good news is that you're at Nags Head, which is pretty bustling (compared to Waves, Salvo, Rodanthe, etc.) In addition to the prior ideas—and talking to the agency is definitely the best suggestion—you might just approach a local restaurant when you arrive and make a deal with the owner. You leave your car there for the week and you'll come in for a few meals, maybe bring some friends. Awkward, but if the other suggestions don't pan out, that might start looking pretty good.
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You'd probably be able to get away with parking on a residential street that's not beachfront/soundfront. Something in the Colington Harbor area, or off Colington Avenue?
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Agree with kuanes... I'd just park it somewhere near your rental, on an uncrowded side street between the business (158) and the bypass. Just put it someplace where you can check on it occasionally; I'd be astonished if it was towed, or even ticketed.
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To finish the thread: the rental agency was no help (though my understanding is that the larger ones often are), and AirBNB had no listings nearby. We observed ticketing/towing of cars parked on the street, so it's not really a viable option. We ended up shuffling cars in the driveway and making it work. Thanks all!
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