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Is there a good source for obscure music specializing in the Atlanta music scene? I'm trying to find cds by the (former?) Atlanta singer-songwriter Cyndi Craven. Her webpage no longer works very well, and the email address provided there doesn't work at all.

The cd I love is Lessons but I would be interested in any of her music. I don't think she ever had a distributor--I got my (now worn-out) tape from a festival where she played in the early '90s. I've checked Google, ebay, Amazon, etc.
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Might want to give Wuxtry Records a try. They specialize in local music, most the people who work there know their local music (in Athens at least; never been to the Atlanta store), and I know the owner has a bazillion random records layind around in storage. Also, trying the local college radio station (Georgia State has a decent one, IIRC...heck, UGA's might help some) might yield some results from their DJ's- even if they can't finds out about this artist, they might be able to put you in contact with people who do.
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MAYBE Wuxtry in Atlanta, but I'd go to Wax-n-Facts in Little 5 Points first. Possibly also check at Criminal Records as well.

I'd also try to find Cyndi Craven and contact her directly...I'm assuming that's not her real name. Was her tape self-released? Were there any details of the recording on the tape (studio, producer, musicians, etc.) that you can backwards search?

Jeff Clark, who publishes Stomp & Stammer, is a long time scenester and might have additional insight. You can probably contact him through that website (http://www.stompandstammer.com/)
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You could call her.

Cyndi Craven of the Atlanta-based Mantis Web Designs creates and builds Web pages primarily for small businesses.
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Response by poster: I used to live in Athens, so I should have thought of Wuxtry. I'm not as familiar with Atlanta stores, so thanks for the suggestions.

My recollection of the Stomp & Stammer guy is that he never found a woman with a guitar he didn't hate, so he might not be the best source for this particular request, although he's a great idea for others looking for Atlanta music.

Wouldn't it be weird to call her at her job? I'm not stalking her, I just like her music.
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