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Assisting young adult female in San Francisco with primary care and birth control -- best options?

I'm assisting an uninsured young adult female in San Francisco with her reproductive and other health care needs. Although she is uninsured, with her parents' assistance she can pay for health care up to about $1,000 to $1,500 annually. Assume that like most young adults, she is not particularly good at taking herself to the doctor (hence my assisting), so convenience and good "vibe" would help. Any thoughts on Lyon Martin versus Planned Parenthood versus Castro - Mission Health Center versus ???
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Either Lyon Martin or Castro-Mission will get her enrolled in Healthy San Francisco. Of the two, I would (and did in a similar situation) choose Lyon Martin. They are taking new patients again. One can also get Kaiser via Healthy SF, but it's a little more tricky to do.
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I can't speak to the other clinics you mentioned, but when I was uninsured, I went to the City Clinic on 7th street between Folsom and Harrison. While the waiting room was a bit crowded, it was definitely possible to get a timely appointment by calling ahead, and I was treated well and received free/discount prescription medication and birth control just by filling out a form with my salary information.

Definitely get her enrolled in Healthy SF. If I were uninsured again, that's what I would do.
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When I was uninsured I enrolled in Healthy SF. I received most of my care at Mission Neighborhood HC and was impressed at the quality of care I received. No first-hand experience myself, but they seem to have comprehensive Women's Services.
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FYI, Lyon Martin is taking new clients, but no such appointments until November. PP could get people in almost immediately. Castro-Mission could get people in by early October.
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Is this the new PP or the old one?
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The one on Valencia.
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