Information security info via Twitter?
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Following Jacob Appelbaum and Bruce Schneier on Twitter has led me to some interesting articles / videos, etc. RE: information security, surveillance, and online censorship -who else should I be keeping an eye on?
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Twitter has a lists feature that's not well known but useful for this kind of discovery. Here are the lists that Bruce Schneier and Jacob Applebaum have been put on by other Twitter users. You can then click through to a tweet stream for that list; here's a list named Snowcrash for instance.
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Risks Digest (Peter Neumann)
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Enthusiastically seconding the RISKS-L digest. Fantastic stuff shows up there on a regular basis. The website (with instructions on e-mail subscription) is here. That I take little-to-nothing about the Singularity (however you define it) is largely due to my having been a regular reader of RISKS-L for, holy cats, close to 10 years now (and semi-regularly for longer than that).

I also keep tabs on announcements from the Internet Storm Center folks at SANS.
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I've found Krebs on Security to have some good investigational reports. Especially on the subject of online pharmacies and how they leverage botnets.
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Oh, and the author has a twitter.
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I have a monster OPML File of something like 400 IT Secrutiy feeds. If that's too much, which is likely....
Recommended - Easy To Follow:

SANS Newsletters

Schneier on Security :

Naked Security – Sophos :

Security FAQs :

SANS Information Security Reading Room :

Scurity Now Podcast :

Recommended - More In Depth:

TechRepublic: IT Security :

Lenny Zeltser :


Packet Storm :

MOREnet Security News :

Root Secure :

Security Bloggers Network :
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Rereading it, as far as online censorship, danah boyd does a lot of work on online privacy and how it affects youth, and Gabriella Coleman is Phd anthropologist whose work mainly concerns online hacker groups, with a paticular interest in Anonymous.
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Morgan Marquis-Boire
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A short list of some of my favorites more specifically focused on current events/government surveillance and "cybersecurity"/"cyberwarfare":

NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake: @Thomas_Drake1

CIA Torture whistleblower John Kiriakou: @JohnKiriakou

Civil rights/drone warfare/Bradley Manning blogger Kevin Gosztola: @kgosztola

Nationall Security & Human Rights Director at Government Accountability Project: @JesselynRadack

Wikileaks contributor, information security researcher and frequent target of harassment a la what Applebaum has seen, David House: @VoxVictoria

ACLU lobbyist on cybersecurity Michelle Richardson: @Richardson_Mich
The Public Intelligence project: @publicintel
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The online journal Surveillance and Society has interesting commentary and articles from an academic / critical point of view.
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Chris Soghoian is a must-read in these areas.
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