What's a warm low-key place in Europe in November?
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I'll be recovering from some cosmetic surgery in mid-November of this year and looking to combine the downtime with a month-long working vacation somewhere in Europe, someplace warm. Where should I go?

I'd like to keep a low profile, sit on the beach, live in a place that's rustic and warm that time of year, but also has reliable wifi so I can work part-time. I'm also open to someplace in South America (speak Spanish moderately). I'm coming from the US.

I had considered Greece especially if tourism dollars help their economy (not sure if that's helpful at this point) but not if things are becoming more unstable or people are resentful of slothful vacationers, etc. Antalya Turkey was also a consideration. Thanks!
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You could consider one of the Croatian islands like Krk. The place relies heavily on tourists, so should be quiet and cheap at that time of year.
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November may not be particularly warm in Greece or Turkey and definitely not beach warm. On a sunny day maybe 70s F, but often the days are chilly and the nights can be downright cold.

The reliably best "European" weather in November will be in the Canary Islands.
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Portugal. Not only is it cheap and warm but also the country invested a lot in Internet infrastructure a while back and so wifi is reliable.

I can point you to some Internet cafes but when I'm in Lisbon, I usually work at CoWork Lisboa where I usually get 70-80 Mbps download.

Also Spanish and Portuguese have enough in common it should be easy for you to navigate.
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Actually, almost any island in the Med would suit you. Some friends of mine have just got back from Greece and they said the only thing they noticed about the crisis is that the prices in the local shops for everyday items seemed very high.
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Perhaps Sardinia? It's very quiet and beautiful.

Or Palma Mallorca in Spain.


I think it would be off season in November.

Barcelona, except they speak Catalan, not Spanish. But it's an amazing place.
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Recovering from cosmetic surgery? Depending on what it is you're getting done, you may actually want to stay out of the sun, not lay out in it. At least for the first week or so.
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Crete's nice. I can't imagine anyone there would ever become resentful (unless you're German, maybe). The western end is quieter.
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I'm a bit confused. Wouldn't you just vacation in the vicinity of the hospital? Most people seem to go to India for surgery, and vacation there. Or they go to Thailand, and vacation there. Or Brazil, and ditto. Can you really travel so soon after a surgery that requires a month's recovery?
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Portugal. Going there in November, myself.
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Procedures that allow you to go abroad straight after are probabaly not even going to need checking on but just in case: -you're too intelligent not to have thought of the sun, but please do consider inflammation! go for a nice temperate climate in November but not cold, maybe San Sebastian, in the Basque Country?

France is a bus hop away, it is deservedly voted European City of Culture 2016, so lots of interesting places and activities and three gorgeous beaches right in the city (by US standards probably a large town!) also bonus points, very high standard (and mostly English speaking) Plastic surgeons if anything needs to be checked. Extremely safe and very friendly place, I'd be happy to put you in touch with my daughter or other friends for recommendations of places to stay. In the off-season you can get a good quality apartment right near a beach, or if you'd prefer a hotel again I have lots of recommendations.

above anything else you need somewhere temperate where nothing it going to bite you or cause any additional swelling and inflammation and where you can drink the tap water! Oh and make sure you get lots of protein in pre- and post op.
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I've travelled most of Europe and wanted to add that there are loads of free Wi-Fi links (or it comes as standard with most holiday rentals) in SS. I adore Barcelona but it is very far from low-key, maybe further up that coastline towards Sitges would suit.
To be honest the Canary Islands, or even some of the Iberian islands in the low season just feel lonely, erie at times, depressing at others. I've been to Cyprus, Sicily, most of Spain and Portugal in the low season and if you're female travelling alone you sometimes get pestered. There are loads of other places I could recommend around the North of Spain, Catalunya, memail me. I also will know most of the Plastic surgeons around there if you need a check-up but to be honest quite a few "beauticians" in Spain have done Plastic surgery nurse training in hospitals, my go-too facialist in San Sebastian trained for five years on a burns ward.
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