How do I arrange a day boat cruise in alappuzha, India?
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Three friends and I are staying in Cochin this January. We want to take the train to alappuzha for a day. Most of the online searches I've done have involved multi-day house boat cruises. Has anyone taken a day cruise in alappuzha, and if so, how did you arrange it?
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My wife and I did this in 2008 - and wrote a blog post about the process.

You'll probably be able to get more up to date info from Lonely Planet's Thorntree forum.

Have fun!
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Your best bet would be to land up in Cochin and call up travel agents. They'll be able to arrange a one-day trip for you, no problems. I've done one myself, its not uncommon at all
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Thanks guys - I checked out the the web site of DTPC, mentioned in ZipRibbons blog post, and it looks like the best thing to do is arrange it in person there or in Cochin. Maybe in a few months I'll try and update on how it goes!
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