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I *may* be going bald. So the question is: Of all the crap out there (Rogaine, Propecia, Procerin, etc.) what actually works, and what works best?
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I found that shaving my head and just letting go of the stress from fighting nature to work best.

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Indeed. Go gracefully

I've a steadily increasing widow's peak and I wear my hair exceeding short. Most of the ladies neither notice or care. If I point it out to them, they tell me it looks distinguished.

Far more attractive than kicking and screaming your way to a Trump style combover.
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I'll second oddman's comment. I tried the Rogaine stuff but I just couldn't see shelling out that much cash to grow hair while risking the side effects of using a blood pressure medication.
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Nothing works, just deal with it.

To echo what oddman said, when I was down to the last hairs on my crown, I finally shaved them off and let go of the stress.

Yeah, being bald sucks, but there are far worse things than losing your hair, like losing a limb or losing your sight.
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A buddy of mine has noticeably thicker hair after using Propecia. He also gets nauseous less.
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To be a bit more constructive than I was in my first post in this thread (ah the dreaded pre-coffee post.)

The hair-replacement treatments are all pretty expensive. You could take that money and use it on a gym membership instead. Being fit and toned is far more attractive, healthy and good for your self-esteem than having hair on your head.
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He also gets nauseous less.

Less than what?
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I concur. The best use of your time and energy is to find a barber who believes you when you ask him to cut it really short. Any other solution is fooling nobody.
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There was a pretty good AskMe thread about this recently.
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As one of the MANY women who find receding hairlines distinguished and attractive, I'm also voting for go gracefully. Don't do the combover. Don't grow the rest of your hair long (a la Gallagher). Stay in shape and go all Sean Connery.
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My brother started losing his hair in his mid 20s. Rogaine did nothing for him--as I understand it, Rogaine helps you maintain the hair you have, but is only modestly successful at regrowing hair. He has been using Propecia with a lot more success. He still basically has a full head of hair at 30.

My hubby, on the other hand, dealt with it by keeping his hair very close cropped. I love it. To me, he looks like Tom Sizemore in Heat. Meow, meow.
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Another vote for going gracefully. Baldness is normal. Nobody's going to be pointing and whispering, "Look at the guy without hair!" :-)
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I started losing hair in my early 20s itself. After struggling to disguise it for many years, I decided to axe it all and go from this (it carefully hides the balding) to this clean-shaven look. I'm 29 now. I guess I'll have to wing it with my cookery skill alone. ;)
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Oh, and I suppose I should helpfully add that I tried the super-expensive (at least for this part of the world) Rogaine for a while, but dumped it after the bottle said that if I stopped using it, my hair would go once again. I didn't want that kind of problem.
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Propecia is fairly expensive at around $70/month. Insurance won't cover the cost. You could save some $$$ by only taking half the recommended dossage per day.
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My girlfriend calls the disguise measures "baldoflage".

You probably don't want to resort to that. Nobody should have that word used on them.
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I'm not losing my hair but I prefer to be bald. As other have in other threads I highly recommend the headblade.
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Shave it really close. Do not attempt to hide it.

Supposedly, Mediterranean women are attracted to bald men. As well, it is a evolutionary sign of virility.

And if anyone asks about your 'baldness', tell them it's 'A SOLAR PANEL FOR A LOVE MACHINE!'.
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Propecia does work, from what I understand, and the earlier you start taking it the better. But I wonder if there will be long term health risks associated with it. I just shave my head. And $70/month? That's a lot more than I spend on mach 3 blades.
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Crop your hair very, very close - 1/4 of an inch or less. Or shave your head. Trust me, it's very sexy, and actually makes you look a bit younger than a combover or careful hair-styling would.
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I started losing my hair when I was 19. Just go with dignity. It's not nearly the big deal it's made out to be, and going to outlandish lengths to try to hide it looks foolish.

Also, if you have propecia and pregnant or could possibly become pregnant or knows someone who might be pregnant around, you have to be very careful as I recall.
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Go into the dark night gracefully, dear boy. If you fight it, you will only end up looking like an old man trying to cover it up.

Frankly, that's my advice for everyone...male and female.
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Shave it, and remember to put sunblock on your head in summer.
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Propecia works, but it's expensive as hell. The drug inside is finasteride, which is also in another drug, Proscar. Proscar is a prostate medication and it's 5 mg tablets. So you can quarter (or halve) these pills and it works out to be *only* $30 / month. "That's right, you too can RENT your HAIR for only A DOLLAR A DAY."

I took it for a little while. It helped. But now I'm sporting close cropped hair and it's great. Getting thin on top is for winners!
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You're all very encouraging to the OP, and while I agree with the comments above, keep in mind that not everyone looks great without hair. Some people look like shaved cats or chemotherapy patients. I don't have any hair loss problems myself, and yet as much as I would like to, I don't shave my head, precisely because it would look terrible on me.
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Well, y'all have convinced me, at least. I took the plunge a couple days ago and shaved my head, and it is good (so far).
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