Jumping cholla batman!
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Where can I legally collect cholla cactus wood in the Palm Springs area?

A friend is interested in a few pieces for some craftwork. I have seen listings on ebay, but free (and the opportunity to select for shape) is preferred. Obviously, I'm not collecting from Joshua Tree National Park.
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Couple of suggestions:
Contact some of the landscaping companies. There seemed to be a fair amount of action when I was there earlier this year as houses / gardens are redeveloped.
The only people you ever see on the street in the mornings are gardeners it could be worth talking to a few.
Maybe talk with the Agua Caliente's either at the Taquitz facility or up at the Trading Post at the end of S. Palm Canyon Drive.
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We went here. They told us about having a relationship with a nearby preserve. But they gave us the idea that it wasn't for the public.
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