Central American school marching bands?
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Private school drum-focused marching bands in central America-- what kind of music is that? Where can I read more about it? Where can I find examples online?

I'm continuously amazed by how good the drummers are in school marching bands in central America, even in out of the way rural communities (maybe even especially there).

Is there a particular genre of music they play, or more than one style? Particular standards, or does each school or region have their own songs? I've only seen a few of them in parades, but listening to them practice, they have these incredible and complex rhythms that I really have a hard time breaking down in my mind, so i'd like to know more about them, or even just have good recordings to listen to.

Bonus: anyone from central America who has played in one of these bands want to share some knowledge about how it's taught and how they're used culturally?
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Do you mean the mid-west? Or like Central America.
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Response by poster: As in Guatemala and Nicaragua.
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If the bands are like the bands in my Mexican city, it's called "banda de guerra." Try searching YouTube for that, and if that's what you're looking for, at least you've got a search term and this Wikipedia article in Spanish. One band practices in a field near my house and it's pretty cool to hear them. There are regional competitions but I haven't had a chance to go to any yet.
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"patrias", maybe? I think it's spelled wrong on this video, but is this the sort of rhythm you're talking about?
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