Spa town between Verona and Venice
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Is there a small town, possibly a spa town like Merano or Wiesbaden, between Verona and Venice? That's not too expensive? And I don't need to hire a car for?
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I was in that neck of the woods about a year ago and don't recall anything. There are a few up in Slovenia or maybe the Italian Alps, but that's a bit far.

Keep in mind Verona and Venice are only an hour or so apart by train. There's not much between them, period.

Maybe check out somewhere around Lake Garda?
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This Guardian piece suggests a couple of spa towns in the Euganean Hills outside of Padova, specifically Montegrotto and Abano. That's about as "between Venice and Verona" as it gets, probably.

I'm not sure whether you'd need a car, but looking at Google Maps, a rail line runs right through Montegrotto, and the town has a street called Viale Stazione. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a train that stopped there.
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I've stayed in Abano Terme and it was nice. But I think all European spa towns are expensive...
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Best answer: I spent about 11 days last winter in Vicenza and it was adorable. It's the home of Palladio, and has tons of really fabulous architecture as well as the oldest still operating playhouse.

The prices were pretty good and the train station is very centrally located. Also, there's a US Army base on the outskirts of town, so quite a few people speak English, or can at least understand enough to get to the helpful pointing.
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