Where in Boston can I enjoy a Scofflaw cocktail?
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Where in Boston can I enjoy a Scofflaw cocktail?
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I have not seen one on a drinks menu anywhere in particular, but the eponymous Drink in South Boston will make you anything you can throw at them. Eastern Standard and the Hawthorne in Kenmore are other good choices, and if you're on the other side of the river try Backbar in Union Square (Somerville) or maybe Hungry Mother in Kendall Square (Cambridge).
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Saloon in Davis Square is another option. Also Noir at the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square.

Bartenders make cocktails that aren't on the menu all the time, and all the bartenders I know are big Ted Haigh fans.
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Ned at Hungry Mother in Kendall can make one, I am 100% certain; he has made me all number of ancient cocktails. If you go, stay for dinner at the bar, rather than the dining room.

I'm sure Eastern Standard can, as well, and Drink (which is in Fort Point, not South Boston).
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Almost every shit bar I have been in has acomidated my cocktail requests and most have a recipie book behind the counter. The ingredients aren't uncommon at all. What will varry is the quality of ingredients and the care with which they are mixed. So, if you are armed with the recipie you can walk into the fancy-pants cocktail lounge or the greasy dive-bar and will get an incarnation of what you want.

And if the bartender doesn't know the recipie but takes the time to learn it an donut properly give an extra tip.
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BackBar in Somerville's Union Square has it on the menu.
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I came to say Backbar, but rmd1023 beat me to it! I was there with someone who ordered it last weekend.
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Nthing Backbar in Union. It's amazingly good.
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