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I am seeking a very specific item to freak out/delight a friend - those lifesize cardboard standup things, but depicting all four of the Beatles from the ABBEY ROAD cover. Anyone have any leads on where I can find this?

Have googled this in the past but to no avail - either I turn up with posters for ABBEY ROAD or early Beatlemania-era Beatles standups. But no, I want the cardboard cutouts from ABBEY ROAD specifically, whether it's one big one or a group of four.

(This is to return the favor of her sending me, anonymously, a life-sized cardboard cutout of The Tenth Doctor. I am hoping for ABBEY ROAD specifically so I can secretly drive to her house in the middle of the night, set them up in her driveway and drive home, so she wakes to find them there. Also - same friend who sent me the famous roses.)

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No direct leads, but these cardboard cutouts are also called "standees". There are a few Beatles standees on ebay, but (1) $$$ and (2) not Abbey Road specific.

I'll keep looking, but, as an option, you could have your own custom made.
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I googled it and this question came up as link #4, so I guess the answer isn't really out there. However, I have a weird story about a guy I knew years ago. He had a Korean girlfriend who couldn't afford to visit Canada (his home country) or get a visa or whatever. He took a digital image of her into a photo studio and got a cardboard cutout made which he then travelled around Canada with taking pictures.

I'm not sure how much copyright would play into it, but you might be able to get something printed on your own if you have a high enough definition photograph.

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Hope it's not rainy where you are.

What about enticing some folks to do it? Like a flash mob, but with everyone dressed and walking that way on her route to work or something?

Biggest poster I can find is this one.

Roses ... aww. :)

wait! What about getting some Seattle MeFis do do a lifesize replication here ... and then get Standees made / and or just have a big ass picture made (need a high res shot of them, of course ....)
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What about DIY using this image, cardboard, Kinkos, and Rasturbator?
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