Fake cigarettes?
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I need some help quitting smokes. I am trying to find a fake cigarette (not EZquit) to puff on.

I remember seeing a "styrofoam" cigarette that came in a normal pack and looked and felt exactly like the real thing.
If anyone could help me find such a thing and a place to get it online, my lungs would owe you big.
Does anyone have any alternatives that worked well in your case? I can master the nicotine but the process and feeling of smoking always gets me.
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I tried an 'ecstasy' herbal cigarrete the other day. It was nice. It was very easy on my lungs, although it is still SMOKE, but apparently less carcinogenic and addictive.

I had a friend who quit by chewing altoids every time he wanted a square.
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I chewed cinnamon sticks.
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For me it's Penguin caffeinated mints (Cinnamon).
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How about this?
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And sorry for not reading all the way to the end, you said not EZQuit.
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I chewed and played with toothpicks -- for years before, while, and years after quitting (but no longer). Round, not flat -- and the faux-round square are the worst (due to splinters).
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I switched to an occaisional cigar instead of daily cigarettes. The cigars get less and less frequent without any extra sweat on my part.
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There are fake ciagrettes for theatre and film. Check with sellers of theatrical/film supplies.
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I quit with about 3 or 4 packs of these fairly disgusting but satisfyingly dragable things.
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No fake cigarette in here, but what about X-Pack?
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Response by poster: Well, I found what I was remembering:
Smoker's Option
I don't know that I would trust ordering from this site, but we'll see.
Thanks for all the great ideas, I'm going to give it a real try this time.
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Life Hacker: How to Quit Smoking Roundup.
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Response by poster: Loooong overdue update: I called the company and they were very friendly, mailing out the carton the same day. (The site is not the way I remembered but I recognise the name of the parent company) Very worth it if you think that something like this could help you.
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