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Please help me find the perfect roller coaster video. It is a first person view of a roller coaster ride with a speed value on the video.

I am teaching basic kinematics to one of my classes next week and know exactly the video I want. I saw this video a long time ago, I am sure it exists! The video was filmed from the front car of the coaster and showed the view of the entire ride. Overlaid in the corner of the screen was a readout of the speed of the car.

Bonus points for extra data, for example profiles of the ride or accelerations on the video also.
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Can you remember any details about the roller coaster? Wood? Steel? What type of landscape it was in? Knowing what ride it is would make it much easier.

There is a series of videos called "America's Greatest Roller Coaster Thrills" that was entirely focused on POV coaster rides. They might have had a speed reading showing during ones of the ride videos. It's been a long time since I've watched them, so I don't know for sure. There is also a current TV show called "Insane Coaster Wars" that has the same basic premise. In the episode I watched they did show accelerometer readings for a couple of the coasters they featured.
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