Casual dinner near Bart in SF
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What are your suggestions for a casual, inexpensive restaurant close to a Bart station in San Francisco?

We just moved south of the city and we're meeting up with some friends who live east of the city. We're all taking the Bart in. We'll be meeting on a weeknight, so we're looking for dinner at a non-national chain, fairly inexpensive (less than $25 per person) restaurant. If I still lived in Cleveland I would take them to Melt, Latitude 41N, or Lolita. Where should we go in San Francisco?
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Best answer: I feel like Mexican food is going to be the right answer here for most people (in terms of really good food in SF that is also inexpensive), but I don't like Mexican food, so here are some other good suggestions:

Frijtz on 17th and Valencia (16th and Mission Bart).

The Grove on 3rd and Mission (Powell or Montgomery Bart).

Rosamunde on 24th and Mission (24th and Mission Bart).
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Credo is good and close to the Montgomery station - might be pushing your price limit though depending on what you get.
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There's about a million great taquerias, which are casual, delicious, and super cheap. Without claiming it's the best (I don't want to get in any fights here!) I will say Pancho Villa near 16th and Mission meets your criteria.

Another place I really love is Dojima Ann, which is a delicious udon place near Union Square (Powell St. station). They also have sushi, but their udon and donburi are what you should eat there.

This might be too far - it's a full three quarter mile walk from bart, but The 21st Amendment brewpub has some good foods and beers.
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Pakwan on 16th is a favorite of mine, with big group seating and family-style dishes.

For sit-down Mexican food, Puerto Alegre on Valencia is excellent.
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I think your best bet is going to be either the 16th Street or 24th Street Bart Station. This is my neighborhood, so I'm just going to rattle off a bunch of suggestions. I'm tired and about to go to bed, so I'll leave the Googling to you, but all of these are solid choices. (Most of them come in right at or just a little above your price point -- $25 is a challenge in San Francisco.)

Pizzeria Delfina -- tiny and doesn't take reservations, but good value and definitely within your price range.

Delfina: its older sister right next door with a broader Italian menu.

Farina: across the street.

Maverick: super close to 16th St. Bart.

Range is not too much further and has reliably good food.

Frances is probably too expensive but is awesome.

Monk's Kettle good pub food. Popular and crowded even on weeknights.

Limon has good South American.

So does Destino.

Bar Tartine.

If you decide to go the super casual/affordable route, the Mexican suggestions are the way to go. The food is good at Puerto Allegre. My favorite taqueria is El Castillito. La Taqueria is good, too.
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Taylor's (formerly Gott's) at the Ferry Building is near the Embarcadero BART.
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Picaro has always been superb, if you'd enjoy Spanish tapas and sangria, and it's a two-minute walk straight down 16th St from BART.
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Gialina (pizzas, one nightly pasta, one nightly "roast") in Glen Park seems to fit your bill exactly - literally and figuratively. I do happen to like Delfina's pizza's better, but Gialina has lots of unusual options, is extremely well rated, and has a lovely cozy neighborhood atmosphere. If you're looking for a "San Francisco Experience" the Mission is better, but Glen Park is a very cute friendly little neighborhood for a meetup with friends.
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Best answer: Seconding the Grove. It seems closest to Melt or Latitude 41n.

Gotts at the Ferry Building might also work.

I feel like the Mission is going to be too ... Mission-y for this purpose. Go to the Mission to do a Mission thing, not as a random meetup location.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses, everyone! I think The Grove will be our dinner place!
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Best answer: In case you suddenly change your mind - or just for future reference - there's also Jasper's Corner Tap, which is in Union Square(ish) and is a few blocks from the Powell St BART. Lots of small plates for sharing if that's your thing, but also an excellent burger and so on. And good cocktails.
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