Knitters are to Ravelry as Sewers are to....?
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Is there a community web site for sewers that is comparable to what Ravelry is for knitters? This means, in case you're not familiar with Ravelry, that I can use it to document my sewing projects, look at other people's sewing projects, search for patterns (or pattern reviews), and share information with other sewers in the forums.
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I am sort of hanging out on Threadbias. It's new and similar to Ravelry. Hopefully, it will take off.
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The closest I have found is the "Projects" section on BurdaStyle. After a redesign, it's actually not too far off from the Ravelry pattern search. The only problem is that, obviously, it's a commercial site for BurdaStyle, so patterns available are kind of limited. You won't find any Vogue sewing patterns there, etc. But members can submit non-BurdaStyle creations of their own.

Sewers is such a confusing word. Even as someone who sews, I initially thought this post was about community sewage discussions...
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I don't know about Ravelry, but is wonderful, much more than its name would suggest.
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Sewers is such a confusing word. Even as someone who sews, I initially thought this post was about community sewage discussions...

Let me introduce you to my friends "seamstress" and "seamster"
posted by Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug at 4:37 PM on August 29, 2012 [5 favorites] is very Ravelryesque in its general design. I haven't spent much time there but some friends who are more actively bicraftual than I seem to like it.
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There are actually quite a few out there, some more exclusively sewing oriented than others.

Pattern Review

Burda Style Forums

Artisan's Square

Sew Mama Sew


Oliver + S Forum

(side note, I've always preferred the term dressmaker, but then I largely do garment sewing. YMMV)
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Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug: " Let me introduce you to my friends "seamstress" and "seamster""

Or, if you want something that's not gender-specific, "sewist".

Is it a beautiful word? No. Is it easily confused with sewage systems? Also no.
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Seconding Threadbias. It sounds like just what you're looking for. Maybe we should start a MeFi forum there!
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We All Sew is another, though I really mostly use
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Lots of interesting suggestions and I have checked them all out.

Threadbias looks good and I like the interface, but it looks like it's mainly a quilter's site at present. Even the items that aren't quilted look liken they were made out of quilting fabric and are kind of kitschy. I might move to that site later if it gets more members who make the polished kind of clothes I like to make.

I'd have joined BurdaStyle if it included the other brands of patterns. It looks exactly like the kind of site I want. But I am a Vogue Patterns devotee, using their patterns for 90% of my sewing projects, and I want to be able to look up individual patterns and see what other members are doing with them.

Patttern Review looks like a great resource and I have bookmarked it, but it doesn't seem to have individual pages for its members where they can document their own projects. Nor did Oliver + S Forum or We All Sew.

I am a Craftster member and enjoy the site, but it's not really geared for the kind of sewing I do. I can't look up specific patterns and see what other sewers have done with them.

In several cases I couldn't really see what the site had without creating an account. Artisan's Square and Sew, Mama, Sew!, and My Sewing Circle all looked like they might be right, but I couldn't look at the member pages without joining. So I said screw it and just picked My Sewing Circle because it had the best-looking interface, and signed up. I've set up a sewing circle for MeFites called MetaStitchual, so feel free to join that and friend me there if you wish. Maybe someone more tech-savvy than I can help me create a emblem to display for our circle page.

Thanks all.
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