Cold storage.
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I would like some sort of cooler to store a pint of microgreens from Union Square Market this Saturday, for ≈2 hours.

Feeling a little clueless in this area: maybe a polystyrene box plus ice, or a commercially made icebox or cooler? Apparently there are different types. Where in Manhattan could I find these things?
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How hot is it going to get? A hand towel in a plastic sack, with another plastic sack and ice inside it, with another bag inside of it with the pint of microgreens?
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All the cvs type stores have summer merchandise on sale, including little coolers. If you don't have ice or an ice pack, freeze a water bottle the night before - works perfectly. For this situation, I'd probably just take a little freezer bag (the kind that keeps frozen food cold) or even just a cloth bag, and a few frozen bottles. Will be totally fine for 2 hours.
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Are these micro-greens still in the dirt? I just took a flat of them (that were sold still in soil) for a 4 hour car ride in hot weather and they did fine without a cooler, just a shade. If not, a lidded cardboard box, and some towels that have been in the freezer should do fine. Especially if you can put it on the floor or other shady part of the car. If you want to be really sure, cover it with some fluffy blankets or coats.
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You'll probably find insulated lunchboxes on sale this time of year -- I would pick one up and put the microgreens inside. I think they'd be fine for a couple hours, but you could always add a frozen water bottle or cold pack.
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