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Help me find a great caterer for an employee event in Seattle.

Last week, I asked this question about finding a location.

Now, I've got the location (Gasworks' indoor picnic area), and I need to cater for 18 people with a $600 budget.

No booze permited.
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18 people isn't that many and you've got about $33 per person to play around with.

If you had Moe's I'd recommend them. They do a great job and burritos are awesome in that they can be tailored to every contingency (vegan, vegetarian, low carb, gluten free). Failing that, how about Chipotle?

Now you can go nuts with dessert. Sundae bar, fancy cakes, whatever floats your boat.
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I went to an event catered by Portage Bay Cafe, and it was very good.
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Fare Start offers wonderful food and proceeds support their job training and placement program. Here's their catering menu.
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The guys at satay in Wallingford do catering. Their food is yummy, but I've not used them for event catering. Depending on your activities and the tone you're going for, the food-on-a-stick angle can be a winner.
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Consider a food truck or two: Marination, Uneeda Burger, Molly Moon's ice cream, etc. Lots of good choices in town right now! I've seen them more and more at casual company lunchtime events lately.
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I suggest Lisa Dupar Catering. They'd be right up against your budget but they are a great catering firm. Their restaurant, Pomegranate, is pretty darn good, too.
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I'd hire me, failing that, Bitterroot in Ballard. Wonderful food, huge portions.
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Skillet has a food truck that caters events. Bacon Jam!
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