Finding a comedy site ca. 2001-2 featuring a guy dressed as a robot?
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Anyone remember a very old comedy site/blog that featured a guy dressed as a robot staging antics all over Plattsburgh, NY?

This is a MAJOR longshot, but does anyone remember a very old, probably too obscure website (it was really more in blog format) ca. 2001-2002 that featured a guy dressed in a cardboard robot costume acting out all manner of funny scenes (e.g. dancing, doing stunts, raking leaves, fighting with other robots, going to bars, etc.) with sort of a loose storyline? For some reason, I remember the person who made this lived in Plattsburgh, NY and that the town was mentioned frequently.

I think the odds are basically zero that anyone but me remembers this or that it is still findable online, but who knows? Maybe someone from Plattsburgh knew this guy? It's a small town, right?
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Robot Frank.
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Best answer: I mean !
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Response by poster: That's it. Boy, I feel dumb wasting all that time looking for it. Thanks!
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He's on twitter, too, but not that often.
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