Acoustic guitar song from This American Life's David Rakoff feature?
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Name that tune? Background intro music for This American Life, the episode "Our Friend David." Slow acoustic guitar chords are the only key feature I can identify.

I've been through TAL's "frequently used" list and it's none of those. Sounds sort of like some instrumental Yo La Tengo songs, but I don't think it's that either. Many thanks for clues!
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Response by poster: here's the link, sorry:

most clearly heard around 2:20 and 3:20.
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Yeah it sounded a bit like an alternate version of The Fireside to me. I'm not quite certain that's it though.
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Best answer: It seems to be 'Good Evening Mr. Peckinpah' by Rick Rizzo and Tara Key, matched using Shazam.
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Further to which, if you're a Yo La Tengo fan and you don't know Rick Rizzo or Tara Key (together or apart), you are missing out on some prime vintage indie-rock guitar brilliance.
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