What is the ukulele tune from Waking Life
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Name that song! From the movie Waking Life, not on soundtrack.

In the scene where the main character walks into the church, at one point he talks to this guy wearing overalls who is playing this tune on a ukulele. Dont know if this is a traditional folk song or what, but I am absolutely in love with it and would love to track it down somehow in an original or longer format. Eternal love awaits anyone who can help.
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Apropos of Waking Life, I saw Lars von Trier's The Five Obstructions last week and it was fantastic. Really, my favorite movies are all Lars / Dogme95. Anyway, one of the segments was done by Bob Sabiston, who was animation director for WL. Same style, very interesting. Haven't seen WL, need to ...

Knowing Linklater, it'd be great if that ukelele tune turned out to be by the Butthole Surfers or Scratch Acid or some other Austin luminaries ...
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Oooo eternal love...

I'm pretty sure the musician/actor is Guy Forsyth. Don't know the name of the song, but if it is him, he has a website and MySpace site where you might be able to ask.
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Yep it's him (scroll down to the credits), and he is from Austin.
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from the mouth of mr forsyth via email in case anyone else is interested-

Yes, the song is "True Friends" from "Can You Live
Without". Guy.
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