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Instagram/Facebook issues - How do I get pictures not just on the little instagram portion of the timeline and get it to post them to my Facebook page?

In the past it has always done this automatically... Did they change it? Is it malfunctioning? What do I do to keep it from failing and now that they're posted, how can I get my Instagram pictures onto my timeline without deleting them (they already have a ton of feedback on Instagram)?
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Best answer: After you select a filter, when you're writing a caption for the photo, the sharing options are there at the bottom. They might be hidden by the keyboard. When you get to the caption page, instead of tapping on the place to write it, tap on one of the sharing buttons below. If the keyboard is already showing, scroll the page a little and it will disappear.
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I usually just save the picture to my phone and post it to my wall manually from the Facebook app.
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Best answer: I have had a similar problem with photos uploaded to Facebook in other ways. Even if I choose one of the sharing options, like "Friends," the picture ends up in my timeline but not in the newsfeed. If I want it to go into the newsfeed, I have to use the "share" button on my own photo. I've seen other Facebook friends of mine complaining about this, too, so I think it is a problem of the latest version.
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