Unique RPG Dice please!
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Help me find unique dice!

I'm looking for a nice present for my boyfriend.

Gifts in this relationship are valued for thoughtfulness rather than expense, but I'm shooting for a medium-expense range. Recently we've been playing DnD with his coworkers and I really want to find a unique set of dice for gaming that will be different than the usual "same set but in a nifty color" dice.

I've found very interesting sets of dice here and was wondering if the hive mind could help me find similar sources? Looking for a standard 7-die RPG set.

It significantly helps if said dice can be shipped to Korea, where I currently live.
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FWIW, I own a set of the Thorn dice (in antique bronze finish) that you linked to and they are absolutely lovely: the photos do not do them justice. Surprisingly heavy, too.
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They've been around a long time, so they're not too uncommon, but Crystal Caste's Dwarven Stones and Dwarven Metal are interesting dice made from rocks and metals.
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Well, there's Q Workshop; their dice are highly decorated (runes, etc) but otherwise pretty normal for polyhedrals.

Seconding the Crystal Caste dice -- and I think their "Crystal Dice" are unusually shaped, for RPG dice. I have a set of their metal dice, as well as some of the stone dice, and they're really satisfying to hold and roll.

Finally, there are the Gamescience "precision" dice, which have very sharp edges. They also include some weird polyhedrals, like d3 and d14. (Gamescience's website directs shoppers to another site, but that site doesn't seem to carry the larger sets of the gamescience dice.)

I couldn't find any info about which of these retailers will ship to Korea, sorry!
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You could find a set of blanks and paint them yourself.
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Not a set, but Mr. Arkham loved the light up D20 I bought him last Christmas, and it's been a lot of fun to use in play.
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Chessex has got a lot of very pretty dice, but they are, essentially, same dice, different color. Q-Workshop, mentioned above, has attractive ornate dice, but they can be too ornate -- I've stopped using their Call of Cthulhu green on black dice because they took extra effort to read. (The dice I default to are Chessex Gemini 2 blue/purple.)

I really like these 12-sided d4s, which roll so much more nicely than a tetrahedron.

Whatever your dice, a dice tower can be handy. (I'd add felt to make it less clattery.)

The Gamescience translucent dice are pretty (and the 12-sets are interesting for the inclusion of d3, d14, d16.)

I know you were asking about 7-sets, but since you were also looking for something different, I'll mention the dTotal, d5, d7, d24, d30. Koplow has a zillion kinds of odd specialty dice, featuring animals and weirder things. This Ebay seller has a lot of them, and more -- perfect if you need Reagan dice or MLK dice.
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Thanks for the ideas so far guys! My issue with painting my own is that I really want these to be unique and not a chippable temporary paint job. (also, I'm not the best at painting) Koplow's home page says they don't sell to individuals...so no joy there.

Still welcome to ideas!
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Ahhh....that's why you linked the Ebay seller... nvm..
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