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Please recommend books or blogs that document full/near-full recovery and rehabilitation after an injury.

I've led a moderately active life (hiking, regular gym visits, etc.), so I was a little surprised when five months of intensive boot camp/kickboxing classes eventually brought to light that I've been living more than 10 years without an ACL in my right knee. It was only when I was doing a lot of jumping and pivoting that I even noticed it was gone.

I was really enjoying the increased physical activity; so, rather than returning to my former easy-going ways, I've decided to get my knee fixed while I'm still relatively young and healthy. My surgery is quickly approaching and I'm starting to freak out a little about going from being fairly able-bodied to an extended period of imposed disability and painful rehab.

My understanding is that the initial recovery to basic getting around will be relatively quick, but that full recovery to roundhouse kicks may take up to six months. I'm worried about keeping up my morale and motivation for rehab for more than the basics. If I go through all this pain and inconvenience and just end up back sitting on the couch, I won't have really gained much.

I'd be interested in reading books or blogs about/by individuals who experienced a serious injury but were still able to return to an active life or a high level of athletic performance. I'm looking for some inspiration to keep me going when things get tough.
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Steph Abegg was involved in a serious climbing accident two years ago and had a number of complications in her recovery as well. Here's her day-by-day account of the recovery, and her trip reports show what she's been up to since then. I can't imagine you won't find this inspiring.
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Not exactly injury, but definitely insult to the body: "My Stroke of Insight," by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.
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A Leg to Stand On by Oliver Sacks.
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Lance Armstrong's "It's Not About the bike" details his recovery from cancer. Not an injury per se, but it might inspire you, nonetheless.
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Just heard on the CBC: a pediatric surgeon who lost three fingers and part of her thumb in a wood-splitter accident is now working as a surgeon again: The Hand of Fate (The Current). There's a print summary from another source here, but I'd recommend listening to the show, especially the parts where Jones describes how her physiotherapist pushed her to move her fingers even when she thought she couldn't.
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Jane McGonigal called for participation from her friends and family to engage with her during her recovery from a concussion. She's since developed that program into a social platform that allows a person to set goals, communicate them to their social circle, and recruit that social circle to participate and hold them accountable.

It's really interesting, as a means to organize oneself and one's social circle. You might find it helpful, not necessarily as inspiration but as maintenance to goals.

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