Looking for a variety of good music criticism
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Crowdsource my syllabus: I'm looking for the best relatively short music review essays, in a wide variety of writing styles and formats.

I'm building a syllabus for a writing class. For the first assignment, I would like for my students to select one of a variety of top-notch music review essays and use it as a model to write an essay on the music of their choice. I'm thinking of an Ann Powers piece from NPR, a Jane Dark essay from the Village Voice, maybe something from Pitchfork. But this isn't my area of expertise and I really don't know what's out there.

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Don't forget about Lester Bangs's work!
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You should check out the recent collection of Ellen Willis's work: Out of the Vinyl Deeps. Some great stuff in there!
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It all starts with Lester Bangs; "Psychotics Reactions & Carburetor Dung" should be required reading for all humans everywhere. Now add some Said the Gramophone.
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If classical flies, I like a lot of Alex Ross.
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I would think Allmusic - both the printed guides and the .com - would fall nicely down the well you've dug.
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I'd like to thank you for the wonderful suggestions of authors and publications and ask if you can think of particular reviews that have stuck in your mind for some reason.
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This short piece on Bowie (which appears in the Willis book) is something I think says a lot about the music industry of the early 70s... might be interesting to your students in that regard, but there are other pieces in the book that serve as better models for what you describe, I'd imagine. It's a good example of her thoughtful music writing, though.
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You should check out Robert Christgau's website. He used to be the Voice's chief music critic until they unceremoniously sacked him during budget cuts. His site is full of short one paragraph reviews of albums going all the way back to the 1960's until the present. He still writes his monthly Consumer Guide. One review of his in particular I love is his writeup on Tricky's debut LP MAXINQUAYE. I may not agree with him all the time, but I love his concise erudition....
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Oh I have someone absolutely great for you: John Jeremiah Sullivan. Here he is writing about the blues (I highly recommend this essay in particular), here he is writing about Bunny Wailer (FANTASTIC), here he is writing about Big Star. His Wikipedia entry has a bunch more links to his music criticism at the bottom as well. I would seriously, seriously consider using him for your class.
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I always get a little tingly when I see an Allmusic.com review is by Tom Erlewine. Here's a bunch of his reviews in blog format.
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The best way to do this is actually by picking up a few of the Da Capo Best Music Writing books, which include reviews and essays, anthologized by year.

You should also ask this question over at ILXOR.com, where a lot of actual critics post regularly.

(For my money, the best critics out there are Ned Ragget and Scott Seward, who both regularly post on ILX. Christgau is there too, along with Nitsuh Abebe and a few others from all over.)
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Have you read/considered Songbook by Nick Hornby?
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(I can't think of which specific essay in the book to recommend at the moment -- it's a fast read and really enjoyable though if you want to pick one based on if you have a gap in your syllabus you need to fill (nostalgic, comedic, sad, etc.)
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i have liked Chuck Klosterman's stuff.
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My favourite piece of music criticism is Noel Murray's Popless series from the A.V. Club. I particularly the essay on race at the beginning of this entry.
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I know there's a lot of Chuck Klosterman hate out there but I really loved his review of the recent Lou Reed & Metallica album.
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