How to use up a freezer filled with bananas
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What are some interesting recipes with frozen bananas as an ingredient that aren't smoothies or banana bread?

I currently have five 1-gallon Ziploc bags filled with bananas sitting in my freezer -- some peeled, some still in the peel. These were rescued from the trash bin at work because even though they were starting to get overripe, it seemed a waste to throw them out. But now they are taking up wayyyy too much space and I need to start making an effort to use them.

I've been searching online, but so far the suggestions have mostly been banana bread (which I have since mastered), smoothies (which I don't really like), or other sweet treats (alas, I have been trying to curb my sweet-tooth). I've been searching for more savory recipes, but haven't had much luck.

Restrictions are gluten-free and ideally dairy-free, but a little dairy is ok, and I can always find gluten-free substitutes if need be.

I did see this question from 2007, but the suggestions are (again) mostly smoothies and bread and sweets. I have noted the "ice cream" recipe, but I've yet to try it.

So, are there unique/interesting recipes featuring bananas, or recipes I would never think of that might benefit from a frozen (or thawed) banana or two?
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You could fry them like plantains. Squeeze some lime juice and salt on them.


Bannana Chips. Slice thinly and fry like potato chips. Lime and salt.

Works like a starch in a meal.
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Banana Chicken Curry!!
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(That recipe calls for butter, but you could substitute it out.)
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You might experiment around with Jamaican banana fritters. They usually have milk, flour, and sugar (essentially, they are banana pancakes), but here's a paleo version that omits all three.
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Scrounge up some rum, triple sec, lime juice and make daiquiris!
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This recipe fro banana "ice cream" over at the Kitchn has been super popular the last few years. It may be too close to "smoothie" for you, though.
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Flying Jacob. It's a baked Swedish casserole based around chicken with bananas, peanuts, and bacon (Google around until you find a variation that suits you). Sounds horrendous, tastes amazing. I normally detest cooked bananas, but when a Swedish friend made this for me, I could have put away an entire pan.
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I just roast them with brown sugar and cinnamon, like Bananas Foster without fuss.
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I can say that the "ice cream" recipe is good. We make it a lot, and experiment with add-ins, which is fun.
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Pancakes. Just make your batter like normal and add a (squished) banana or two to the mix. You may have to adjust the amount of liquid (milk or water) you use.
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Banana fritters. Just batter (in a gluten free batter in your case)and deep fry them, they are great served with icecream.

Mix with coconut cream and unsweetened dried coconut and serve as a side with a nice curry, or put them in a nice curry.

It's amazing how coconut rum in a banana smoothy can make oh so much more palatable and like a little tropical holiday.

Run them through a blender while still frozen and have like a frozen banana ice cream sooooo good, but you need a strong blender.

Grill them and drizzle them with honey, syrup or cinnamon, or whatever you like. They are nice as a dessert or with pork or chicken without the sweet topping.

Mashed up in a sandwich, with or without peanut butter, or honey or both.

Two ingredient cookies. Mash up the bananas and mix with rolled oats until at a oatmeal cookie dough type consistency, add other ingredients like choc chips etc if you like or just plain. Bake in the oven like a cookie. Not sure if oats are gluten free though.
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Bananas mashed with almond butter fry up to make a tasty, totally gluten-free pancake.
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OMG, I was hoping someone would ask this *very question* so I could share with the world my favoritest way to eat bananas (I'm not a fan of bananas straight out of the peel).

It's easy, delicious, elegant, vegan, no added sugar, and dairy-free! It's a dessert, it's a healthy snack! (What can't it do?!)

It's a tweak of an Andrew Weil recipe, and easily scaled up or down depending on how many bananas you have on hand. Dr Weil suggests the addition of 2 tablespoons of maple syrup, but I've never needed more sweetening (YMMV).

The recipe belies how smooth & dreamy it is, though a food processor is necessary to achieve the silky texture.

(If using frozen bananas, thaw until soft)

Chocolate-Banana Pudding

2 bananas, the ripe-er the better
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder (must be unsweetened, otherwise it will be too sweet)
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Puree in a food processor 1 minute, divvy up into ramekins (approximately one banana per ramekin).

2. Chill for an hour before serving, and sprinkle walnut pieces on top for texture & visual oomph.

3. Enjoy!
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