Name my new company please?
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Help me name my new service! I'm opening a consulting service specialised in improving listings for bed&breakfast websites like airbnb, home away from home, 9flats etc... and I'm struggling to chose a name. Tell me what you think?

The service is pretty straightforward, we will offer copywriting, translation, and photography services ( and other services as well but they all have the same goal/effect ) in order to improve listings for bed&breaksfast / vacation rentals type of websites. The goal being of course to generate more interests/bookings for the home owners who will use our service. It is geared towards home owners who are not necessarily very computer savvy and could use professional help to make their listing attractive and professional looking.

We're a team of various specialists and experts including writer, graphic designer, photographer, interior designer, search engine optimisation experts, and hotel and bed&breakfast managers, so we pool all kinds of specific knowledge together.

(We'll be starting out in countries were english is not the main language, but eventually went to have it globally accessible/marketed)

We want to give off a dynamic, efficient vibe, but also underline the fact that we're experts in our field.

Here are some ideas we've had so far, but i was wondering which ones Metafilter prefers, and which ones are terrible... and feel free to suggest other ideas as well of course :-)

BookingsBoosters ( sounds a bit ghosts busters to me )
The Bookingists (as in, scientists in the field of bookings...)

Bookings Genius

Bookings Experts

Bookings Doctors

BBOOST or B.BOOST ( from Bookings Boost )

Thanks for your input!
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The Bookings Institute
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booking masters.
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B&B Better? Better B&B?
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Best answer: "Fullbook" sounds modern and describes your goal.

Or, if that's already in use somewhere (.com is taken, but .biz and a few others are available), combine it:

Fullbook Design
Fullbook Consultants
Fullbook Hospitality Experts
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Best answer: Guest Magnetics
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If you want to also help FSBO people improve, you might focus on "listing" and other words that work in a real estate context. More words to ponder: masters, coach and counsel.
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Host and Home
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Best answer: Guestboosters
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One suggestion would be to find a cool name, like say "guest" in Sanskrit or something and THEN make sure you have a catchy tag line underneath it telling what you do. A short tag line.
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Bed, Breakfast and Beyond

Better B&B Bureau
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Better Bookings.
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Best answer: noVacancy
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Rental Upgrades
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I don't have any suggestions on names, but I don't like anything beginning with Bookings. It doesn't roll off the tongue smoothly.

I DO like the ones muffinman (guestboosters) and Sidhedevil (Better Bookings) recommended.
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"QonaQ" is 'guest' in Azerbaijani.
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Inn Group
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Best answer: BedAndBreakFaster
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Response by poster: Oh wow lots of fantastic suggestions! Thanks! (I'm always amazed of the power of The Green to answer my questions with great speed and amazing answers ).
Sal and Richards I agree with you on the names starting with bookings thing, but have now plenty of great alternatives to take with me to the next decision making step :-)
And if anyone still has more ideas, keep 'em coming!
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Full House
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