Looking for a new or different High School math test generator, and Apple programs or apps for use in the classroom
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I'm looking for software for a high school math teacher: first, a better/newer test generator, and second, in-classroom programs, bonus points for apps for an Apple laptop and/or an iPod touch. Details inside.

My wife is a high school math teacher, teaching Algebra I, II, Geometry, and assorted higher-level material (it's a small school). She has a Holt-related Worksheet Builder (v2.13f0 01-22-2001) Test Generator, but it doesn't play nicely with Windows 7 and/or Office 2010 suite. I haven't been able to find out where to get a newer version, or even if one is available. Otherwise, she could be interested in other products that assist in building (semi) randomized tests, which also allow the questions themselves to be modified.

Her school is providing her a Mac laptop and an iPod Touch for use in her class, though she also has a Windows desktop computer in the classroom. She has a smartboard, and isn't familiar with Apple in general, let alone what apps she could use in the classroom. I'm not sure if there's any convenient way to display iPod Touch apps on the screen, bit there are jacks to connect computers to the projector around the room.

Before this year, she's taught on chalkboards and whiteboards, so anything she can do with computers would be a bonus. Thanks!
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Geometer's Sketchpad is great for teaching geometry. Key Curriculum Press has a number of black line masters-type books for using Sketchpad in courses ranging from Algebra to Geometry to Precalculus, so she might find it really helpful.

GeoGebra may be useful for teaching some of the more graphical algebra concepts, and it's free. (it can do basic Euclidean geometry, too, but I find it's clunkier than Sketchpad. )

Both applications work on macs and on PCs.

Sage is an open source computer algebra system (apparently like mathematica or maple). It might be useful if she ends up teaching calculus or something and wants to be able to use a computer to do computations. (I haven't really ever used it, so I can't say much about it. )
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Check out Dragon Box.
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