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What to do with this weird key?

I recently bought my first new car ever and I'm loving it. However, it has a really big key with two side-by-side metal holes in it - the depth or distance of the holes seems to make it impossible to thread in a normal split-ring key chain. See this.

How the heck can I add this to a ring with my house keys? I just know I'm going to lose that tiny fob at some point. What is the product I'm looking for, or even the right Google search terms?
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That took a bit longer to figure out than I thought it would - scroll down to see how the ring connects here.
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My Mazda key came with a small split ring (about 3/8" or 1/2" in diameter) on it. I attach the small ring to my bigger key ring.
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If you can't get a metal keyring in there like in batmonkey's link, you can always loop some strong, thin cord through the hole and use that to attach to a keyring.
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You could thread a cable tie through the fob's holes and attach a split ring to that. If you rotate the cable tie nipple so it isn't showing, that would be very tidy.
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It might be easier to get something threaded through if you open it up as if you were going to replace the battery.
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I think your best bet is a cable key ring.

If I were you I would go you my friendly local hardware store and browse the key ring selection. They probably have 40 different kinds of keychains at my hardware store. It's fun!
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My favorite way of managing my keys is the Nite-Ize S-Biner #2.

It fits my enormous Subaru key nicely. My house keys are on a split ring on the other side of the carabiner. Be sure to use a nice beefy ring or it might work its way under the gate of the 'biner and fall out. Very convenient to be able to unclip the car key to use the rest of the keys while leaving the car running.

Rite-Aid and REI are two other places I've seen them in case you want to check out the various sizes.
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Looking at the picture again you might want to try the smaller S-Biner through those holes, and then hook that onto a bigger one.
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I took my weird key to the local hardware store and the friendly woman there (with much longer fingernails than me) put a smallish split ring on it for me. O frabjous day!
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