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I need new Seasoning. What should I season eggs with, for breakfast?

What should I season eggs with for breakfast besides:
  • salt
  • pepper
  • bayou blast
  • old bay
  • lawrys seasoned salt
  • red pepper flakes
I've already tried those spices. What else new can I sprinkle on eggs (scrambled or fried egg whites) that will make them taste delicious. I am not really looking to make them spicy or add anything like sour cream or liquids, just seasoning or spices.
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i like to crumble up bay leaves and let them hang out in whatever fat i'm using (butter or olive oil) before scrambling the eggs in
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Chives, though if grated cheddar cheese is omitted, you're doing it wrong.
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Tarragon is good in scramble (and doubly-so with mushrooms.) The flavor will open up a bit if you mix it in with the liquid.
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Chives, dill, bits of bacon.
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Any of the "Italian seasonings" like oregano, basil, thyme.

Pesto, depending on whether or not it falls into your "sour cream or liquids" category.

Onion and/or garlic powder.
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Sukiyaki-flavored seasoning
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Lemon pepper. Dry mushroom powder. Curry. BBQ spices. Penzey's has so many awesome mixes, as well.
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I am quite fond of chervil in eggs, although the flavor is a bit delicate.
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Maggi seasoning!
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Sriracha sauce
Both especially good if the eggs happen to be sitting on top of some nice soupy ranch-style pintos.
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Fresh thyme, rosemary, & parsley. Really, it's hard to go wrong unless you overdo it on quantity.
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Nanami Togarashi!
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sal de gusano
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Whisking a little cumin in with the eggs makes them taste Mexican without making them spicy.
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My father swore that grape jelly was the best (only) dressing for plain scrambled eggs. I remain loathe to believe him and have never tried it, but you might enjoy it.

-Fresh cilantro
-Dried or fresh oregano

Red Pepper flakes are an old favorite of mine, but it's way fun to branch out into other chili peppers. Try grinding up various dried chilis and using those instead; they'll each have their own flavor and spice and finding one you like is a lot of fun. Well, if by fun you and I can agree on sweating over breakfast.
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garlic powder mixed with a little pepper and grated parmesan
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It is expensive but it is my favorite thing in eggs ever: Penzey's Sunny Paris. Also, their Shallot Salt is a wonder. I guess I just like shallots.
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truffle salt!
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Bacon salt!
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I often put fresh-pressed garlic, "spicy salt," (haven't got the box handy, but it's salt + other spicy stuff), paprika, and occasionally even crushed red peppers in my eggs. I like spicy things.
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Nearly anything at all. They're eggs. That's the whole thing about eggs.
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That said, if you can get those tiny dried shrimp at an asian market or cool supermarket, then those and something spicy. Maybe even squeeze some lime over the whole thing before eating.
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Fresh tomato- or tomatillo-based salsa, well-drained so your eggs don't get soggy.
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Best answer: Spike!
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Chimichurri sauce!
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Zataar or sumac!
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Cinnamon. Seriously.
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Short of licorice, I can't think of anything that wouldn't work in eggs. No, wait, fennel seed. So, yeah, licorice, too.
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nthing oregano
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I know you said no liquids, but I love a little Swedish dill mustard sauce on my eggs. You can make it, but I buy mine in a jar from the grocery section of IKEA. I tend to do this more on poached eggs in lieu of hollandaise, but I see no reason why it can't go on scrambled as well.

Speaking of Scandinavia, what about fish roe paste?
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One of my favorites is a couple tablespoons of pasta sauce and cheese. These are best when scrambled in the pan (you grease the pan and let it heat up, break the eggs into the pan, let them cook just enough for the whites to start to change color, and then mix everything together). When I cook anything this way I add any spices/other ingredients after scrambling the eggs and whites in the pan and giving it another ... 15 to 45 seconds to cook (the eggs will still be a bit runny at this point, but if you add too early they will not cook enough and too late they will be dry and rubbery). I add the pasta sauce here, and give it another 15 to 30 seconds and add a handful of shredded mozzarella or cheddar.

Combination I have tried and like:
*pasta sauce and cheese
*basil, oregano
*basil, oregano, and feta or mozzarella cheese
*hot sauce and cheese
*pesto and cheese
(Are you sensing a pattern? I like cheese.)
*dill, ground mustard, and mozzarella
*curry powder (best without cheese, good with toast)
*garlic powder, minced onion, ground mustard, and basil
*a little different, but cinnamon and sugar
*pumpkin pie spice (just a dash)
*pepperjack cheese
*spinach and feta or mozzarella (I usually sautee the spinach a bit prior to adding eggs, unless you are using frozen spinach)
*white pepper, ground mustard, black pepper, and a dash of curry or hot sauce
*BBQ sauce

**I've tried some other combination that weren't so good... but you can try whatever spice you have in your kitchen. The spices I don't think work so well with eggs: cilantro, cumin, paprika (c'mon, it's basically flavorless), and thyme. Also peanut butter, but you might not want to ask about that one.
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A third vote for Penzey's Sunny Paris. Alternatively, fresh-ground Szechuan Peppercorns.
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My favorite is a dash of salt, nutmeg and pepper along with spinach or parsley and your favorite cheese. Yum!
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Holy heck, any drained salsa would be great. Salsa (just about any kind) and eggs together are the.best.thing.ever.period. I haven't had a combination of salsa and eggs I didn't like.
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It's a liquid, I guess, but a couple of splashes of a good real brewed soy sauce (Kikkoman is fine). Mmmmm.
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Furikake! It's traditionally for rice but I'm a fan of putting it on everything possible. I don't eat eggs but if I did, I'd be reaching for this.
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If you live nearby, Trader Joe's sells grinders of smoked sea salt, which is great on everything, and also a South African blend of chili pepper flakes, salt, oregano, and other delicious things. Really phenomenal on eggs.
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ancho powder
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Personally, I can't enjoy eggs unless they have rosemary added to them. Scrambled or cheese omelet, prior to beating the eggs, I add a bit of salt, a bit of pepper, some onion powder, and goodly couple of pinches of either fresh or dried rosemary.
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I'm devoted to gomashio on eggs. Especially the garlic kind!
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Aleppo chile -- I put it on my eggs almost every day. I also love sauerkraut on eggs, but I love sauerkraut on almost everything and eggs with almost everything so I might not have the most discerning palate when it comes to sauerkraut. Or eggs. Still, Aleppo chile is great.
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Tarragon, salt and pepper - at the beginning! Before you whisk up the eggs, which you should also do, just before you pour into a pan coated with love oil over medium-low heat. This is all scrambled eggs heresy. If you slowly stir-and-fold the eggs, it will come together super creamy and smooth. Top with some paprika.

If you do cheddar cheese in your eggs, I know I do, mix that up a bit - fresh grated asagio, gouda, gruyère or bleu cheese crumbles (no rind!) Each cheese brings something different to the party, but don't go putting them all in there. Try 'em one at a time...

If you like a little bite, I would normally say a dash of Tobasco, but this is the 21st Century, we know better now. We leave out some salt, and stir in some Cholula sauce near the end, just after we stir in the cheese. It's flavor is remarkable, the heat is mild unless you really overdo it, and it offers an improvement on almost anything it comes into contact with.
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Like a kindly ghost in the night I drop into this thread and breathe the whisper MIGAS before vanishing back into the fog.
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Trader Joe's "21-Seasoning Salute" is fabulous on eggs.
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A splash of red wine. It turns them a hideous color, but the flavor is absolutely incredible.
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Dill weed is one of the world's great herbs. It works well with almost any source of umami: eggs, cheese, tomatoes, yogurt. Try dill weed and old cheddar in your eggs. Add some heat with hot paprika or spicy tomato sauce if you like.
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Thirding za'atar and harrisa. ZOMG.
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Tony Chachere's creole seasoning.
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Sriracha + a ton of fresh chopped cilantro is an amazing combination on scrambled eggs.
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Soy sauce, sprinkle of sesame seeds and a little bit of sesame oil.

And then dump sriracha and Kewpie mayo on it nom nom nom.
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Came in to say furikake as well! There are lots of different flavor variations out there to explore! My weirdo favorite comfort breakfast (or lunch or dinner or snack) is pasta (preferably some sort of mini shape noodle) and an egg or two with furikake. Sriracha, butter and/or mayonnaise can also optionally be involved for extra deliciousness.
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Smoked garlic salt - heavenly!
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Pssh. Cook them in bacon grease instead of butter and you don't even need any seasoning.
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Nthing Sriacha

Cayenne Pepper!

Bacon Grease is also awesome. I like to cook up some bacon, then add some minced garlic to the bacon grease, add in some chopped jalapenos, sweet peppers and maybe a red thai pepper, let them cook up crispy in the pan, then pour the eggs over and scramble everything. Add in some cheese if you want. Add a little sriacha and eat with your bacon in the morning.
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I may not be answering the question here, but try some fresh herbs rather than spices. Raw tomato and basil are nice in scrambled eggs. Sauteed mushrooms can be good. I could see doing light rosemary eggs. Adding cheeses can be very nice as well. Goat cheese in eggs could be tasty. Gruyere is often used in french crepes, which are delicious, so it would likely make your eggs a lot better.
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Gorgonzona or bleu cheese, sauteed onions, bacon.
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I feel a bit scandalous for saying this but I like cooking my eggs in a tiny touch of butter with some black pepper and a hearty pinch of MSG (in the form of Ac'cent or Aji-no-moto). I like to finish with a bit of crunchy sea salt after it's done cooking.
I'm a fan of eggs and how they taste, a lot of seasonings cover up or change the flavor. On the other hand I find that the MSG really just pumps up the egginess.
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Allspice + [other spice], where [other spice] could include some ancho chile powder, or other chile powder, or cumin, or something more in the traditional western herb vein. I also like savory. But really, you could do almost anything with egg.s
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Tabasco, 3-4 drops/egg.
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