Netflix with Dolby Digital+, older receiver
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Netflix using Roku now appears to only support Dolby Digital Plus. My existing receiver does not support Dolby Digital Plus. What are my best options? My Receiver has 7.1 analog plugs, plus supports dolby digital and dts ex. It has coax and optical inputs but no HDMI. (I am currently using an external HDMI switch that has these as an output, but as I understand it DD+ does not work with optical.)

What are my best options to get surround sound back with Netflix?

A cheap solution is best but awesome suggestions (short of getting a new higher end receiver) are ok too. Thanks!
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Short answer, you need to complain to NetFlix and let them know that you won't put up with this intentionally-high-end-HT-killing policy (because seriously, this doesn't affect people with a cheap by reasonably modern TV, it only affects people with "dedicated" video devices like projectors, where you need the video and audio going to different places).

Slightly more useful in the short-term, you can buy HDMI DD+ A/V demuxing boxes for around $50 (apparently this problem has pissed off enough people that hardware manufacturers saw a market in it!). Send the video wherever you want, send the audio wherever you want, and MAKE SURE you pick one with outputs that match your respective inputs (probably HDMI pass-through on the video, and analog on the audio).
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Solution: My PS3 appears to do what I want. Netflix says it is Dolby digital+ and it is showing up as Dolby digital on my receiver. (so no, I didn't get Roku to work and my PS3 that has been unused for 2 years now has a use!)

I am going to give the ROKU to my sister.
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My playstation 3 (ps3) works fine after changing a couple of settings. I almost forgot I had a ps3. SOLVED! (at least for me)
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