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Baked too many rugelach...can I freeze them?

Help, bakers of mefi!

I baked a batch of rugelach but realized (too late!) I should have saved half of it to freeze & bake later due to number of cookies I would end up with. If I freeze the already-cooled rugelach now, will it ruin its texture after I defrost?
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Two weeks ago, I took a rugelach baking class and the instructor was asked about freezing them -- she actually recommended they be baked and then frozen (rather than freezing the non-baked dough), so I think you'll be fine.
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These people think its okay.
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I don't see a problem. I've successfully frozen all kinds of tasty treats.

I'd eat 'em.
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(Also, if the "help my pet" threads necessitate pictures of the pets for cuteness purposes, I'd like to formally request a picture of the baked goods.)
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Yeah, you're good.
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Let me just say that not only are frozen baked rugelach delicious once they come to room temperature again, they are absolutely divine when incorporated into ice cream.
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My grandma used to make the Czech version of these, and she would freeze extras after baking.
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My grandma used to make rugelach (and a bunch of other jew-ish baked goods) in large quantities and would defrost batches at each holiday. They always tasted delicious. So go ahead and freeze!
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i think you should be fine. and that you should post your recipe. heh.
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Yeah, we freeze my mother-in-law's rugelach each year. I would make sure to wrap them up well since they do have a tendency to absorb unwanted freezer odors.
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They freeze just fine, no worries. You can also send any surplus directly to me.
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I have successfully frozen rugelach many a time. But it's probably my magical freezer. I'll be happy to, uh, store yours for you.
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Yes! Flash freeze on a cookie sheet, then put into a ziplock. This will decrease freezer burn and issues of sticking together.
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Yeah, I MIGHT be worried if your filling was jammy? But even then-I've shipped rugelach thousands of miles and then frozen it, and defrosted it just a few at a time over a year. The last ones left were still totally awesome.
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Thanks for the answers, everybody! And it was an easy & basic recipe found here from epicurious. Though I didn't roll it out and slice as suggested...I divided the dough up into quarters, roughly rolled them into circles, and sliced with a pizza cutter.

Here's a pic, and I agree that these threads need more photos of porn food.
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