Any suggestions for strategies or resources for finding jobs abroad?
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Any suggestions for strategies or resources for finding jobs abroad?

I’ve been working for a small independent manufacturer’s representative firm throughout Spanish speaking South America for the last 5 years with over 2 living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The simple explanation of my experience is as a salesman selling consumer electronics to retailers and wholesalers throughout the region. The more detailed description is that I was responsible for managing and developing my various brands and market territories. After getting burned out on the industry, managing 6 countries, and various brands not often aligned with each other I resigned and took some time off, traveled, and have enrolled in an online occupational/industrial psychology masters program at Colorado State University.

My end goal is to consult in cross-cultural training with team development, organizational design, and training. Getting started as a consultant while paying for school is a difficult proposition so I think it is best to get a new position that will further my goals and broaden my skills in occupational psychology and human behavior. I want to work with people in a management, training, or maybe even HR position, but continuing overseas with a multinational firm. I prefer to remain living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina but am also open to other regions worldwide. An American or European firm would be advantageous for compensation in $$s or Euros.

What are some resources I should know about that may help in my quest? Obviously my network and LinkedIn are most valuable. I’ve just joined the Society for I/O Psychology and a few other small professional networks. I’ve looked into various international US chamber of commerce groups (memberships can be EXPENSIVE). I don’t see much on Are there recruiting firms specializing in ex-pat workers?

I’ll be in Argentina and job-hunting locally until December and then returning to the US for the holidays. I appreciate the advice.

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Places to network: You've done a lot of legwork already, it seems! LinkedIn has definitely saved me a couple times. My other go-to is the alumni association for my university. Check if yours has an online directory, so you can search out contacts in BsAs if you plan to stay there. Do informational interviews. Always ask your contact if they know other people you should contact. There may also be a chapter there with regular meetings/happy hours, as well.

Compensation in $$$ or EUR: As many of these large firms are feeling the pressure to cut their costs, they will hire you on a local contract if they can swing it. This is not a matter of your negotiating skills: many of the big companies have international policies that extend quite high in the organizational structure. I speak from experience! Not that I am saying to give up, but at least consider if this is a dealbreaker for you or not.
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