Help me find some dubstep.
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I don't know much about electronic music. I know I like the deep, twisting, inertial sounds and rhythms of stereotypical dubstep. But whenever I go through "best album"-type lists of dubstep albums, almost all of them are more subdued. That's not to say I don't like them -- the oft-recommended London Zoo and Untrue now have a permanent spot in my music rotation -- but they just don't have that intense WUB WUB WUB feel. Here's a good example of what I'm looking for. What are some great albums with music in this style?
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Well.... I haven't listened to much of his other stuff, but the tracks Favela and Xenomorph (by S.P.Y.) are similar sounding to your link.

If you don't mind some commercialism, Nero and Justice make glitch style dubstep/ DnB

Apart from that, if you have Spotify, you can make a radio based on a certain artist or track you like and it plays similar stuff. It's really useful for finding new artists.
posted by sockpim at 2:49 AM on August 27, 2012 [1 favorite] might also be a good starting point. Basically Soundcloud for all things dubstep. Since you can pick and choose, you might find an artist that you really dig.
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Have a crack at Glass Swords by Rustie.
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Have you checked out Datsik? Here's a Spotify link to their newest album, Vitamin D.
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All of Bassnectar's stuff, especially Timestretch, Cozza Frenzy, and VaVaVoom, but all of it, really. It's not what I'd call subdued. You can listen here.
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I don't understand why people call Burial's music dubstep. A dubstep label released it, and it came up around the same time as the dubstep movement was exploding, but it really has very little in common with other dubstep artists.

I'm no dubstep aficionado but I think a lot of the major releases were singles. You might continue checking out DJ mixes and compilations rather than looking for albums.
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Have you listened to Coki? I'd say deep, twisting and intense covers his sound pretty well.

This is his only full-length release but there's a plethora of EPs and single releases.
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I would recommend going to the Rinse FM site and having a look around at the various styles on display there. You may find a lot more of what you want via recordings of live DJ and radio oriented DJ mixes than on artist albums, which are often toned down for the home listening experience. Two other blogs you may have luck with are Sonic Router and Lucky Me's mix tape page.
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You might enjoy the output from Jakes and his HENCH Recordings label -- like this. The mixtapes Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are pretty good starting points.
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You linked to a UKF mix in the question - are you aware of the UKF podcast? Download a few. You're likely to find the sort of thing you're looking for eventually. From there, you can look up the tracklisting, find the guy who made a track you liked, and find mixes by THEM. This approach has worked well for me.

(Of the recent episodes, I particularly enjoyed Submotion Orchestra, Document One, and Other Echoes, FWIW.)
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