Forwarding from SIP to landline, no monthly fee?
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How can I forward a sip address to a landline, with only a fee for the call itself?

I recently started using for my phone needs, and I like all the features and the price. The only thing it lacks is a connection to a particular block of mobile numbers in the Netherlands. When I call the numbers usin, the call is denied. Their engineers tell me that they have no plans to add a connection to this block of numbers.

Now, of course, my mobile number is in this block. I only forward my home number to my mobile briefly a few times a year, but I'd like to be able to do it. So, I figure I can get an account with a VoIP provider that DOES connect with that block of numbers, and forward from to the other provider via a SIP address, which then forwards to the mobile. That way I keep my setup with, which I like, while being able to forward calls to my mobile..

I tried, and I can do this with them, but they require setting up a pseudo-DID which costs (on top of the call) $2 setup and $0.50 a month. It's the monthly fee that gets me - that means I have to keep putting money into their account just to forward to this number a few times a year, all for what amounts to a database entry.

I don't mind paying for the call itself, but there must be a free/no-recurring-fee way to solve my problem. Any ideas are appreciated.
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Best answer: The sledgehammer-as-nutcracker solution is to set up your own FreePBX box (or VPS) and pick up a VOIP provider with outbound termination.

I know of a few VOIP termination firms that do this sort of work, but you'd need your own box to route calls through and it's simply not cost-effective to do it a few times a year.

I think if you're only doing it a few times a year, you should just eat the .50 a month. That's practically as steal compared to the startup costs of other solutions. (Sorry this isn't more help.)
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